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I’ve really been doing a lot of reflecting lately.  Reflecting about how God wants to use or not use me.  I’m one of the people that always seems to just stumble along my path, tripping and falling, but somehow I “arrive” none-the-less.    

I’ll never understand why God chooses to use me in the ways that he has.  It’s mind boggling.  But sometimes I can’t help but think that I trip up so much that I’m always on my knees anyway.  And while I’m done there in the valleys and in the trenches – I’m calling to Him.  And I think he just keeps me there… on my knees asking for His help, His strength, His forgiveness.  And I praise Him for all my imperfections and how He uses ALL of me… weaknesses and all… 

Now if we could all just join each other down here… on our knees and in the repentence and forgiveness…. then we’d truly have the body of Christ amongst us.  Ah, the glory of our biggest mistakes…