Family Life These Days

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So, for the past few days both of my kids are going through a series of nightmares.   My four year old son, Johnny, goes to bed crying and fussing about night mares and then my three year old Jeanie wakes up very early with her nightmares.  I think Johnny is just scaring her... she said this morning "Johnny is taking all my good dreams away".  :(  So, I'm tired, exhausted actually... we could all use some sleep.   (By the way, I think we have our weekend family movie rental of Furry Vengeance to thank for this.  Johnny thinks that there are animals everywhere attacking him.)  

So this morning when I go to comfort Jeanie, she asked me to lay in bed with her.  So I did and she clinged to me sooooo tight.  I have to admit that I really enjoy those moments.   Sometimes in these moments it occurs to me how God may want us to cling to him during our difficult times and how much he probably loves that feeling as well. 

AND another source of stress, we are also still building our new home and trying in this real estate market to sell our current home.   We have not been successful and it is very difficult to not get stressed about everything that is involved in all this and I begin to worry.

So, back to the kids... every night I've been trying to explain to Johnny that monsters aren't real and animals aren't in his bedroom.  Many talks the past few days about what is pretend and what is real.  And it is interesting to watch him lack so much faith in me and what I'm telling him.   And it dawned on me that God must feel that with us as well.  I worry about a house selling, while God already knows the answers to all my petty problems.  I worry about my kids not sleeping and if these nightmares will do long term harm to them, but God knows the answer to this issue as well. 

I think one of the most fascinating things about having children is that I learn so much about relationships with others and God from having, watching and relating to my children...