Charlotte's Web

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So, if you look at my last blog I was contemplating the meaning of suffering and how to share some thoughts and ideas on this.  Since this time, we lost one of our professors, Dr. Jill Jones.  She was killed in a car accident along with her 16 year old son.   For those who may be hearing about this for the first time, you can find the story on Liberty's news page and we have created a facebook page in her honor.  Please join us there.

So, this morning I took my kids to see "Charlotte's Web".  It was one of the weekly morning kids showing for the summer.  I wasn't ready for a movie with so many questions about death... not only because of the passing of our colleague, but also because I wasn't ready or equipped for the questions on death from my four year old son.  "what happened to the spider?  Why did she say good-bye?  When is she coming back?  Are her babies going to save her?  Do the babies have a father?  Who's going to take care of the babies?"  on and on the questions came.  After all my attempts to explain things to him, it ended with "I don't want to watch a movie where a spider dies ever again".  And then I knew - he actually got it. 

I spend my life trying to think of ways to protect my kids from pain.  Ways they won't fall, ways they won't scratch up their bodies, bump their heads... and there is something so amazingly helpless about realizing that I can't protect them from life.  That at some point in their life they are going to have to deal with death, pain and heartache.  It has to be the most challenging thing about being a Mommy.   I pray I can guide them through the pain and find simple ways to share life's beauties while preparing them and teaching them about suffering...