Too Much To Say?

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So, I actually feel I have too much I want to say and I can't figure out how to articulate it all.  This week we are offering an intensive in partnership with Joni and Friends (Joni Earkson Tada's ministry).  The course is the Theology of Suffering and Disability.  The course is very thought and spiritually provoking.   A few days ago I had the awesome opportunity to eat lunch with the professor of this course from the Christian Institute on Disability (Dr. McReynolds), the Director of Liberty's Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (Dr. Nemitz), and our vice-provost (Dr. Hawkins)... where we discussed putting this course on-line.   This discussion carried into a vision for what Christians AND our churches can do for those who are suffering.  .

(Joni Earkson Tada was to attend the course but is now being treated for breast cancer.)

And then I just now returned from dinner with my foster son who is now 21 and recently released from prison.  Hearing about his rejection from his family and his struggle to not return to the streets and criminal activity...  in relationship to thinking about the theology of suffering... I just feel there is too much to say about all of this.  But I'm trying to process it all so that sharing my thoughts would be meaningful.

So until I can figure this all out... I will probably have to write some mundane articles about my summer.  :)

Dr. McReynolds teaching her intensive...