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Friday, July 23, 2010 Intensives Are Over

What a crazy few weeks!!  I'm watching my last class take their final exams and then I'm done with my intensive marathon of teaching three back to back.   EDUC 623, Behavior Management is my absolute favorite class.  But Intensives are so intense that you can describe the emotions and feelings in so many ways. I'm sure the students can relate to these feelings as well.  Here are just a few - entertained, exhausted, grateful, busy, regretful, thankful, honored, blessed, forgetful :)...But what an amazing few weeks!! 

I had an opportunity to teach students from all over the WORLD.  It was truly an awesome experience!  And to just think about the many children they represent...all over the world.  So my biggest word to describe this experience is humbled.  I had represented in my three classes - Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Haiti, South Africa, Egypt, Korea, India, and quite frankly, I'm probably forgetting some.  And then so many states coming as far as CA.  What a neat experience for all of us to be blessed by such diversity.  I truly learned so much from all of them. 

So now we will all go home and spend some time with family.  I know my family has been quite neglected the past few weeks.  We discovered this week that my oldest son, Johnny has Asthma that resulted in Pneumonia. He's healing fine.  But it was hard to not want to stay home with him and help him heal.  And for the students - I also pray safe trips home for all of them and lots of hugs from their families and friends.   I pray that they all go back and "let their lights shine" in their various work, home, church and civic settings.  And though we are all exhausted... we shared a unique experience that will remain with all of us forever...Intensives 2010...  :)

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