Teaching EDUC 623 Intensives

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I had my first class of 53 students for EDUC 623 - Behavior Management last week.  Now I'm gearing up for week 2 and 3 of intensives for the summer - 45 students each of these weeks.  This is why I've been so quiet in here.  Busy grading, planning, teaching, answering emails, grading, planning, teaching, answering emails...   :)   And then of course the family, spending time with friends, building a house, and just enjoying the summer.  

I do absolutely LOVE teaching this class!   It is my favorite topic and it is something I feel so passionate about.  So, my prayer is that I can share that passion in each lesson I teach and then I pray my students can go back to their schools and classrooms and pass it along.... the passion for the "difficult" and "challenging" student.  

So, students... if you are out there.  Please feel free to share your stories too.  You can email me or post them here.  I'd love to hear from you.

Off to grading, planning, etc...