Graduation and Mom

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So, the last few weeks have been quite busy, exciting, and challenging.  First of all, Graduation was awesome!   I wish I could share more pictures... but here is just one.  You can find me on facebook if you want to see others.  :)  But one of the great things about the pictures is the reminder of all the types of students we have... undergraduate, residential students who are leaving the dorm life and heading to their first classrooms... on-line undergraduate students who are committing to school during their many other commitments, as well as graduate students - young and old who brought various family members... often their own children.  Then we had our doctoral candidates, who were hooded in a special ceremony and our representing Liberty's SOE forever as "Dr".  I personally had the privilege of hooding five students where I was their dissertation chair.  The School of Education graduated 1000 students in 2010 with about 400 participating in the ceremonies!!  And what an honor to play any part in the hard work and accomplishment of these students!!!!

But there was also some excitement happening behind the scenes that day.  My Mom, who is also the SOE Dean, Dr. Parker, had been feeling very ill and we had tried to get her a stool so that she can sit while handing out the diplomas.  But the stool was too high, so she was leaning on this or the table while doing the photos with our student.  She stuck it out though.  The following Monday she had an appointment to see why she still wasn't feeling well.  At this appointment they suspected from an EKG that she had suffered a heart attack.  Then we had a week (last week) of visiting doctors and performing tests.  They now suspect that she has a heart disease HOCM.  Further testing (an ECHO) is needed to confirm this diagnosis and to determine the treatment.

Wow!!! - what a whirlwind of emotions the past couple of weeks.  But it is also why I have been quiet here lately.  I'm sure there will be much more to come about this.  But it was still an awesome time of celebration with the students and also celebrating my family, realizing the possible brevity of it all!  So, this week... and through it all.. I just praise Him for all of our gifts that He allows us to enjoy!!