I Guess I'll just Brag

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So, I've been quiet lately (I know that is very hard for some folks to imagine :).  But I honestly just don't want to share if I don't have anything worth sharing.  I figured I'd wait until after graduation.  Then I'll have some pictures to share of our awesome students... the amazing celebration for the accomplishments of many.  I LOVE graduation time!!!!!   Just a couple of days away!

But until then, I just wanted to share that I was asked to do another translation of my PRAISE book.  They are already working on a Russian translation and they asked this week to begin a Spanish translation for Guatemala.  How awesome is that?!?!  My vision for that book was to equip Christian schools to help the struggling student.  It's what I often talk about when I travel.  So I'm thrilled to see it become global!!!!   Also, I have a proposal that is being considered later this month for a publication that focuses more on the learning aspects, differentiated instruction, rather than the behavioral aspects of the struggling student.  Pray that is well received!!!