The Plight of Women and Children

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Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing Dr. Diane Langberg ( speak in Graduate School Convocation.  She spoke on the abuse and violence against women world wide, in our country and in our own churches.  It was a very passionate speech on how we can represent the character of Christ by trying to help the afflicted.  I've talked much about this with special education.  But perhaps if you're reading this blog, your calling towards the afflicted is a bit different.  Perhaps you are interested in working with the abused and those that are victims of domestic violence, both woman and children. 

The charge is the same.  She said that as Christians we must leave our "comforts" and represent Christ in a broken and hurting world.  I wish it was possible for everyone to hear what she shared with us.  Her heart has been burdened by the plight of woman all of the world (where 1 in 3 experiences violence or abuse).  She spoke about how everyone is somehow affected by this and we have to get involved towards ending it and helping those that are hurting.

So, once again, pray about what you can do to help the least of these.   Liberty University's professor in our Law School as an organization for helping the church body deal with some of this crisis called GRACE - Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environments ( 

Another opportunity for Christians to volunteer is through CASA (  This is where you are a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused children.  I had the privilege of doing this for a few years.  It is an awesome opportunity to help children through a difficult time and to advise the court on the best needs for the child.

But continue to pray - where can God use you and your gifts to show the broken world the love and compassion of our Christ?  Try starting small, just being aware of the women around you and their hurts and then grow to a larger commitment towards making it a life mission.  Dr. Langberg shared that when we live to emulate Christ, then we are to be with the women, children, the broken, the afflicted, the imprisoned.  Please continue to pray about how God can use you.