Successful NCATE Visit

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The clock outside our office now let's us know that the NCATE visit is over. 

What a sigh of relief!!!   We all just want to rest, but we are all on a high for such an excellent and successful visit!!!   It was with great pride that I listened in the exit interview as the NCATE Chair and the Director of Teacher Education for VA DOE sang the praises of our Dean in front of our Chancellor/President and Vice Chancellor.   They said our program and our Dean are both a model for others in the state of VA.  And not only did they recommend full accreditation, but they had NO "areas of improvement" for Standard 2.  They said this is extremely rare and that it is an accomplishment in which we should be proud.  And indeed we are!!  :)

When we came back to the School of Education after the exit interview, we were surprised to find that faculty and staff were crammed into our offices and many students filled the hallways waiting to congratulate our Dean. 


They then presented her with flowers, a card, and gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure. :) 

It was such a team effort from not only everyone in our department, but departments all over the university who made sure we were ready.  We wish there was a way to thank them all, like the folks in IT and CAFE,  and of course the school's leadership, who all were extremely helpful and supported our many requests and needs to make this happen.  AND many THANKS to Rachel Ryver, Natalie Fusco, and Barb Seaburn our office staff who continuously make us look great!  They do so much and unfortunately they can often go unnoticed, as well as our Facutly Support Coordinators (Ronda Heerspink and Kirsten Staaby) and our NEW Assessment Coordinator, Steve McDonald. All of SOE administration is particularly grateful for their hard work!!

Once again, God has been so good to us!!!  And as a reminder and out of gratitude for and to Him, all of the faculty, staff and students joined hands in the offices and down the hallway and we praised Him for guiding us through this process.  To God be the glory...