God's Favor at Liberty

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It's budget planning time of year.  So, we are all busy analyzing numbers at Liberty University.  And I can't help to share some of the amazing things happening at Liberty.  There is no doubt that we currently have God's favor.  I pray we can stay true to Him through our blessings and trials and he will continue to guide us and direct us.

I started this position about 2 1/2 years ago.  At this time we had 8 on-line faculty with about 2,000 students.  We now have 180 on-line faculty and 30 residential faculty with about 7,500 students being educated from the School of Education.  I attended Liberty for my undergraduate degree in the early 90's.  And at that time the entire campus had about 5,000 students.  And now just the School of Education has greatly surpassed these numbers.  What an awesome phenomena and opportunity!?!?!  

As if this isn't amazing enough, we have also managed this growth with few problems. So, with this... I have to thank everyone that has been part of all of this.  First of all, the students... who have been very patient with us as they approached bottle necks and waited graciously as we worked frantically to correct these pressure points.  The staff and faculty, who showed unbelievable patience, perseverance, and service as we stretched ourselves further than we ever thought we could reach.   And administration who have fought for us to have everything we need to not only grow, but to do so while holding onto the integrity of our academic programs and our mission of impacting the world for Christ. 

And even more amazing... we are continuing on the same path of growth.    The budget numbers last year at this exact time were at 4500 students for the School of Education... and now 7500... I wonder what it will be next year?  :)  When I first started this blog I talked about the ability to influence the world... each one of our teacher candidates representing 900 children in their careers... so with our current students... and not even counting our alumni and the many who have come and gone... right now at this moment... just the School of Education... this is 6,750,000 children!!  Praise Him from Whom all blessings flow!