Remembering My Sister

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Well, this has been a difficult week...my baby sister died 9 years ago on January 17, 2001 in a car accident.  She was 21 years old.  And this week is when you remember that dreaded phone call, the funeral, and the visits from many family and friends who mourn with you during a difficult time.  It is one of the harder weeks.  I actually prefer her birthday... that date doesn't seem as dreaded or depressing to me... rather it seems a time to celebrate her life. 

But during this difficult week, I thought I would post one of her poems that she wrote in 1999 at age 19.  It reminds me of my sister, Amy, but also it reminds me of those of you who have been there for me during my difficult times in my life.

A Smile Came Over Me by Amy Caroline Parker

A smile came over me
Like the escalating sun
It rose in my heart
And grows in my eyes

I hope you saw it
For perhaps it may fade
As the setting sun
And obscurity that follows

And if by chance you missed it
I will bring it back to life
For I want you to comprehend
The happiness I feel inside

I hope you notice it in my face
And lingering in my eyes
I pray you hear it in my voice
The only pleasure of its kind

For it is far more
Then solely a day breaking
It's the sun illuminating the sky
After a disheartening storm

The reason I want you to see
Is simply because it is YOU
That brought the smiles
To me when I could not endure!