My 2 cents worth on job advice

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I often hear from students and friends that they don't know if they are where God wants them to be in their life.... that feeling of not being happy where you are at... or that God wants "me" somewhere else.   God often uses those feelings to guide us to new places...So I do think we need to be aware of those feelings.

BUT here is the hard thing to realize - in the meantime - we ARE where God wants us!!  Otherwise, He'd have us somewhere else.  I honestly think that is the whole point of Proverbs 3:5-7.... "acknowledge him in all your ways and he directs your path".... and then everyone always leaves out verse 7 "be not wise in your own eyes". 

The weirdest thing is I never really felt like I chose my job or my school, etc.  God just opened and shut doors for me.  And it is such a freeing feeling.  It's like he's saying "this way... no this way... no turn here".  Like, I have my own personal GPS. :)  And I think it came from the fact that His expectations of me were far more than the expectations for myself.  So, my point is.... First, recognize that you ARE where God wants you.  So, what does he want you to do right now... where he has you... the job your in?  THEN he'll direct your path...  at least from my experience.  :)