Teaching an Intensive, EDUC 623

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Another busy part of my Fall, I'm teaching weekend Intensives.  We have two types of intensives.  One week intensives that are offered in the Summer and Winter breaks, mostly around the schecule of those who teach in the K-12 setting and then we have Fall and Spring intensives.  These classes meet four weekends. I LOVE teaching these intensives.  It is so hard to say no to them when the opportunities arise to teach one.  The students (even though they sometimes come kicking and screaming :) ) once they get here the LOVE it. We often hear it is the best part of our program.   I just LOVE to get paid for talking about what I LOVE.  What an awesome job!!   Right now I have 40 students in my class, so that is 360,000 children that can be impacted.  WOW!!    How humbling!