My First Blog

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This blog is designed to give future, current, interested, basically all Liberty University students access to our Liberty University community.  When I was asked to do this, I jumped at the opportunity!  I just love the opportunity to share my passions with anyone that wants to hear about it.  :)

My background and professional field is in behavior management and special education.  I have such a passion for Christians reaching out to the least of these.  I honestly believe that if Christ was an educator, he would have chosen the field of special education.  But there will be plenty more to come on that topic. 

I was a teacher for three years before becoming a principal at a private day school for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities.  I had no interest in going into higher education so early in my career, though God had different plans for me.  I was beginning to guest speak to the student teachers here at Liberty and then teach classes as an adjunct.  And a colleague once told me that for every student teacher I encounter, I have the possibility of IMPACTING 900 CHILDREN!!!!  This statement changed my life.  I often just sit and thing sometimes.... well, I have 40 students right now, so that means in this very moment God has given me the opportunity to impact 36,000 children with these graduate students.  What an amazing responsibility.

Tomorrow I'm leaving to speak at Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.  I'm taking my three and two year old along with my husband so we can go to Disney there.  While I am there I may speak to a few hundred educators... 180,000 children!!!

I just love my job!!!!!   Now just imagine I am one of 150 faculty in the School of Education.  Just imagine all the lives we are impacting for Christ.  God is good!