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Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Liberty United: A Practical Guide to Connecting to Liberty University

by Djo Ntumba

The nature of online schooling is such that it can be difficult to achieve a sense of belonging. Any academic institution that boasts upwards of 90,000 students will have a wide spectrum of places that could be called home. The odds are that an overwhelming majority of you do not consider the city limits of Lynchburg, Virginia or its surrounding environs to be your home. Nevertheless, this does not mean that there are not practical ways to connect to the university. Though the aforementioned spectrum of distance cannot be overlooked, here are a few ways that you may connect your fellow Liberty Flames.

1) Apparel

                One of the most practical ways to identify with a university is to “hoist the colors”, to borrow a nautical idiom. It is very easy to spot the fans of an opposing team in the many cathedrals of sport that dot the landscape of this country. While being the overwhelming minority in a crowd is a factor, fans are often recognized by the clothing they use to support their team. By purchasing Liberty University gear you will be wearing and supporting the Flames just like any other student in any other corner of the globe.  If you would like to purchase Liberty University apparel you may do so through the Official Campus Bookstore.  Fan the Flames!

2) Guided Tours and Friendly Fridays

                Liberty University offers several environments that allow current and potential students to come visit the campus outside the confines of academic reasons such as intensives. Some of the more popular options are Guided Tours as well as an event known as Friendly Friday. Our guided tours allow you as the student to explore the campus of Liberty University.

These tours are led by students many of whom are either currently taking online classes or have taken them in the past.  This is a great opportunity to learn some of the characteristics that make Liberty University an academic institution like no other. It is also a chance bear witness to the various ongoing changes to the brick and mortar of the campus. One of these changes includes the brand new Hancock Welcome Center which serves as home base for all visiting inquiries.

                Friendly Fridays are a condensed version of College for a Weekend. By setting an appointment ahead of time you have the ability to be taken on a guided tour of Liberty University. The tour is a great blend of reflecting on where Liberty University has come from and where it is going. While Friendly Fridays are available in Fall and Spring, they are a great idea for the Summer if you are on the road for vacation and are in the vicinity of Lynchburg.

3) Winterfest

                If you happen to like music and are looking for a good excuse to visit Liberty University, you may want to consider attending Winterfest. Winterfest is a two-day concert that features a diverse array of Christian musical artists. This year Winterfest will include Grammy-nominated rock band Red as well as Liberty University alumnus and Grammy-nominated musical artist, Toby Mac. The various musical acts often include pyrotechnics that make the 12,000-seat Vines Center a cauldron of excitement.

The events mentioned are just a few of the ways that you can foster a spirit of belonging with Liberty University. Distance and logistics can make the way difficult, but if you are able to come to the campus prior to Commencement, I would highly encourage it. If this is not possible, do not be disheartened. Liberty University is merely a collection of buildings without its student body whether they call Nepal or Nashville home. You are the reason this University continues. You are Liberty University.

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