Liberty University Transcript Request Information

  • In accordance with the Family Rights & Privacy Act of 1974, a student’s academic record can only be released upon written authorization by the student. By law, the request must include the student’s signature and date.   
  • Official transcripts will only be released when the student has met all of their financial obligations to Liberty University.  
  • All transcript orders are processed within 3-4 business days, including transcripts being shipped via  

FedEx. Please be aware that our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Requests made over the weekend will not be processed until the following week.  

  • Awarded Degrees: If you need the transcripts you order to reflect your awarded degree, please be sure to wait to order the transcripts until after you receive an email confirmation that your degree has been awarded.   
  • Final Grades: If you need your transcripts sent with your final grades from the current semester posted on them, you need to request the transcripts after your final grades are reflected on your unofficial transcript from ASIST.   
    • Final grades post two weeks after the course end date. 
    • Blackboard may reflect final grades for a course, but that does not necessarily mean that the grade has been officially posted on your academic transcript. Please be sure to check the unofficial transcript through your ASIST account, as the ASIST transcript reflects the same information as your official transcript. 
    • Standing and updated GPAs are posted one week after the final grades for the semester have posted. 
    • *Refer to the FAQ at the bottom of this page for information on how to access unofficial transcripts through ASIST. 


Students may order transcripts through the online order form or by submitting the Transcript Request Form.   

Online order form - CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE  



The printable order form may be sent to our office any of the following ways:   

Fax:   (434) 582-2187  

Mail:   Registrar’s Office  

                       1971 University Boulevard  

                       MSC Box 710177  

                       Lynchburg, VA 24515  


Requests sent by email must be sent from the student’s Liberty University email account with the required order information, unless the signed Transcript Request Form is attached to the email.   

In person:  Student Service Center, Green Hall 1569 - Students may drop off the Transcript Request Form at the Registrar’s Office located in the Student Service Center inside Green Hall.  


Expedited Shipping Option 

FedEx* Standard Overnight Shipping: Fee of $20 per address in addition to the transcript fee. U.S.A. Street addresses only. FedEx shipping is not available for international addresses or Post Office Box addresses. FedEx shipping is not available for APO or P.O. Box addresses.   

If you would like your transcripts shipped via FedEx* for an additional charge, please let us know on when you order. Requesting FedEx does not rush the processing time of your request; all orders are processed in the order they are received.   

If you select FedEx shipping for a PO Box or international address, your FedEx option will be cancelled, and we will send your transcripts through standard USPS mail.   


Military Student Transcript Requests  

The transcript fee is waived for all military members (active duty, discharged, retired, etc.). (This policy does not apply to military spouses or dependents.   

You may email from your Liberty University or military email address to request your official transcripts.   Or, if you prefer, you may order transcripts by completing the Transcript Request Form above. Please indicate within on your order that you are military.  

If FedEx shipping is requested, the student must provide payment to cover the FedEx shipping charge.  


Electronic (Digital) Official Transcripts Information   

You may request electronic, official transcripts on the same order as hard, mailed transcripts.  

We only use the company eScrip-Safe to send electronic transcripts. The transcripts can be sent to any email address or any organization that accepts eScrip-Safe transcripts.  

Electronic transcripts are only official to the direct recipient, so they cannot be forwarded or printed by the recipient as an official transcript.  

Please be sure the recipient of the electronic transcript checks any spam/junk mail folders for the emails from eScrip-Safe if they are having trouble locating the email in their regular email inbox.  

Each academic level (undergraduate, graduate, e.g.) transcript is sent in its own, individual email by eScrip-Safe, so the recipient must open each emailed link.   


Frequently Asked Questions 

  How much is the transcript fee?  

Official transcripts are $10 for the first copy and $1 for each additional copy on the same request (this price applies to electronic, official transcripts, as well as hard copies of transcripts). Unofficial transcripts are free.  

When will I receive my transcript?  

Transcript requests are processed within 3-4 business days.  

Once the request is complete, your transcript is mailed out via USPS regular mailing (unless FedEx shipping is requested) and can take between 2-14 business days to receive (depending upon the address).  

Transcripts shipped via FedEx are sent after the 3-4 business day processing time, and they are sent using FedEx standard overnight delivery.  

Once electronic, official transcript requests are completely processed, the transcripts are received by the recipient within 2-4 hours. The 3-4 business day processing time applies to these requests.  

Can I view my unofficial transcript online?  

Yes. Unofficial transcripts can be viewed on your ASIST account. Using your username and password, log onto Liberty University’s website (under Student Login). Once you are logged in click on ASIST, then click on Student. Follow the links to Student Records, then click on Academic Transcript. From here, you can choose to view your Unofficial Transcript.  


Can I request transcripts if I have a financial hold on my account?  

Any student with a hold on their account from an outstanding balance cannot have their transcripts released. While the hold remains on the account, the student can only request unofficial transcripts to be sent directly to themselves by email or mail upon request. For questions or information regarding any financial holds on your account, you may contact Student Accounts at (888) 632-5551. 

Is there a fee if I am sending my transcripts to someone within Liberty University?  

Most transcripts sent within LU are available free of charge if the transcripts are for LU purposes.  The fee is not waived for the following: Nursing Students applying for boards; Education students applying for licensure; Aviation students needing transcripts for FAA requirements.  Also, please note that this does not apply to sending transcripts to your LU email. And we cannot send transcripts to your (or anyone’s) MSC Box. 

You may request your transcripts to be sent to the LU recipient at their office or to their LU email address. To avoid paying the fee through the online order form, you may email from your LU email to request your transcripts. 


For additional questions regarding ordering transcripts:  

      Call the Student Service Center at (434) 592-5100 or email