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Federal Work Study is a federally funded program that awards up to $4,000 per academic year (Fall/Spring) based on need as determined by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This program provides part-time on and off-campus jobs for qualifying undergraduate resident students. Qualifying online and graduate students may also be awarded FWS funding upon request. 

Federal Work Study cannot be included toward payment of the upcoming semester bill or Financial Check-In since it depends on the student securing a position and working the hours during the upcoming semester.

Federal Work Study is an opportunity to work and earn income for your college education while in school.  You are currently eligible to apply for a FWS position if it is offered on your Award Letter.  In such cases, students are required to secure employment and a position is not guaranteed. 

Graduate students and Online students are welcome to request consideration for Federal Work Study funding.  They are encouraged to apply for approval by March 1 each year by completing their FAFSA and notifying the Financial Aid Office via email at financialaid@liberty.edu.

Advantages Found in the Liberty University Federal Work Study Program

There are several advantages of Federal Work Study for students who want to earn money to help pay for college expenses:
Future Eligibility: A little known fact is that Federal Work Study wages are not counted towards next year’s expected family contribution. 

Flexible Schedule: Federal Work-Study job work hours are usually much more flexible with regard to a student's classes.

Quick Commute: Most Federal Work Study jobs are near where a resident student lives. Jobs on the Liberty campus are just a short walk or bus ride away – there's no need for a car. Additionally, a positive and supportive campus environment is beneficial for academic and job-related work.

Practical Work: Students often choose jobs related to their major or interests. For example, a business major may seek employment in an office environment on campus. Not only will that student benefit from a paycheck, but that future business professional has gained employment experience suitable for their resume as well.

Meaningful Work: Some students use their work hours to provide a service to the community. The U.S. Department of Education requires that seven-percent of all Federal Work Study funds be paid to students in community service. This means, for example, that Liberty students are paid while they assist in community centers, read to and guide children as tutors, and provide services to the homeless and disabled members of the Lynchburg and surrounding communities.

Student Success: Multiple studies have shown that students who work no more than 20 hours a week are more engaged in the activities of their campus, often have higher grade point averages and manage their time more effectively.
Take advantage of this opportunity by visiting Liberty's Human Resources page and applying for a Federal Work Student job now.
For more information about the Federal Work Study Program, please see Liberty's human resources work-study information


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