Veterans Benefits - Training Times

Pay RatesVA training times are provided below to provide a VA training time or rate of pursuit estimate based on your course load. Institutions are required to report the number of credit hours the veteran is taking and the training time, or course load, for each enrollment period. The chart below reflects the training time based on length of the enrollment period, level of study (undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate), and the number of credit hours of enrollment. Below the charts we have provided a few examples of how the VA benefits are paid using this information.

Standard Training Times:

14-17-Week Resident and A sub-term courses

8-Week B, C, and D subterms

Intensive Training Times






Key: FT = Full-time 1/2 = Half-time 1/4 = Quarter-time
  3/4 = Three-quarter time <1/2 = Less than half-time  


Note: The VA training times indicated above are for the individual enrollment periods only. Each sub-term must be considered individually and cannot be combined with other enrollment periods for the assignment of a training time. These training times are designed for Veterans Affairs benefits only, and should not be used to calculate course loads for financial aid or outside scholarships. For all other purposes (i.e., confirmation of enrollments for lenders, insurance companies, etc.), enrollment status is determined not by individual enrollment periods, but by the entire semester. Students must be enrolled in 6 credit hours per semester to be considered half-time by the Registrar’s office. For more information on enrollment status calculations please go to the Financial Aid website.

Benefit Examples

Example 1: Patrick, who is an undergraduate online student, is enrolled in one B term course and one D term course. He will be considered ½ time to the VA for the entire semester because the VA training time for an eight week course is ½ time for three hours and full-time for six hours (see the charts above).

Example 2: Joy, who is an undergraduate online student, is enrolled in one A term course, one B term course, & one D term course all in the same semester. She will be considered ¾ time for the entire semester because the terms overlap. Joy would be at least half-time for the semester because she is in one course in both the B and D terms but she is also in an A term course (which is a 14-17 week course) so she can add that training time to the ½ time. The training time for an A term course, for an undergraduate student, is less than ½ time (but more than a ¼) for three hours (see the charts above). When the VA processes the different enrollment periods, they will see that the A term course overlaps the B and D terms. The VA will add the terms together giving Joy a status of ¾ time for the semester.