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Aug 30, 2017

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Institute for Military Resilience: Webinars & Webcasts

The Liberty University Institute for Military Resilience offers free webinars to educate our nation on the needs of our service members and veterans.  We welcome you to watch our previously recorded webinars below.

To listen to a webinar, you must have internet access with working headphones or speakers.

Previous Webinars:

Care for the Military Caregiver
March 10, 2016

Scripture exhorts us to "not grow weary in well doing," yet compassion fatigue is rampant in our society, particularly among military caregivers. What principles and practices help military caregivers (spouses, family, counselors, chaplains) observe "disciplines of replenishment" and stay in the caregiver fight for the long run? Join Dr. Eric Scalise, one of our nation's top mentors to caregivers, for this critically relevant webinar.

Being an Informed Citizen: National Security Update
January 21, 2016

Biblical Citizenship requires knowledge of world events and Biblical wisdom to interpret those events.  Each of us must be informed voters, responsible activists for the right causes, and Christian witnesses in an informed and God-honoring manner, modeling the Men of Issachar who “understood the times and knew the direction Israel should go.”  Join Major General Dees for a world walk to discuss key national security issues at home and abroad. 

Honor to Whom Honor is Due
November 12, 2015

This special webinar, hosted by Major General Robert F. Dees (U.S. Army Retired), celebrates and honors service members, veterans, and military families through the sharing of personal testimonials and stories connected to the Liberty University military community.

Educating and Nurturing Military Children
October 8, 2015

Military Children face unique challenges and opportunities as they journey together with their military parents – frequent moves, multiple schools, new cultures, parental deployments, and differing educational environments. Check out this webinar with Dr. Kristina DeWitt, Associate Professor through the Liberty University School of Education on educating and nurturing military children.

View the related presentation to accompany this recording here.

Valuing and Empowering Veterans in Today's Work Force
September 10, 2015

Service members have incredible potential in the private sector – experience, expertise, maturity, initiative, integrity, and so much more. This webinar, presented by Mr. Will Gunzelman, Special Operations Leader and Adjunct Professor for the LU School of Business, will help veterans “put their best boot forward” in their transition process, and help employers appreciate the amazing value of our “next greatest generation.”

View the related presentation to accompany this recording here.

The Institute for Military Resilience: From Rucksack to Briefcase for the Transitioning Military Professional

From Rucksack to Briefcase for Transitioning Military Professionals
May 5, 2015

Military members serve with distinction in uEducatniform, yet they face significant challenges as they transition to the civilian sector. Presented by Richard Glass, LU The Career Center Director, and Millie Hall, LU VetSuccess Counselor, this webinar will answer timely and relevant questions for veterans facing these challenges as they transition to the civilian sector. 

View the related presentation to accompany this recording here.

The Marks of a Great Military Chaplain
April 9, 2015

Chaplain (Colonel) Steve Keith, USAF Retired, D.Min., presents this webinar on how to best prepare chaplain students to provide soul care for the military members they will serve. Click the playback link to witness a powerful time of unique insights into caring for the warrior’s soul.

View the related presentation to accompany this recording here.

Advocating for your Military Veteran: What You Should Know and How to Get Services
Feb 12, 2015

Dr. Linda Mintle, a widely published author, popular speaker, experienced military counselor and social worker, and academic chair at Liberty University, presents this webinar on Advocating for your Military Veteran. She is also a military child, an advocate for her WWII father, and one with a true heart for our nation's military and their families, one who understands "the system."

Click the video to listen to this webinar and view the related presentation here.

National Spiritual Renewal in the New Year
Jan 8, 2015

This webinar will provide an overview of the book Resilient Nations, the last book in General Bob Dees’ Resilience Trilogy, and the related course, Resilient Nations (GOVT 376), asserting that “Spiritual Infrastructure is an Element of National Power.” Specifically, the webinar will define and discuss the components of spiritual infrastructure, assess the history and current status of American spiritual infrastructure, and provide mandates for action as a citizen, a statesman, and a member of the body of Christ.

The Military Relevance of Faith: Evidence-Based Research 
Dec 11, 2014

For this webinar, we will focus on empirical studies which address the power of faith practices in military life, as well as the benefits of “religiosity” (a standardized research scale) in the prevention, mitigation, and remediation of mental and behavioral health issues in the military. Our subject matter expert for this webinar is Dr. Laurel Shaler from Liberty University’s Center for Counseling and Family Studies, the Director of Military Research for the Institute for Military Resilience.

Honor to Whom Honor is Due 
Nov 4, 2014

This webinar offers a special tribute to our nation’s veterans and active duty troops and families, facilitated by Major General Bob Dees, US Army, Retired, Liberty University’s Director of the Institute for Military Resilience.

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Helping Veterans Transition and Succeed in Corporate America 
Nov 7, 2013

In order to reach their full vocational potential, veterans must navigate the challenging transition out of the military or a post-military educational experience into the seemingly “foreign” culture of workplace America. Military friendly corporations recruit, employ, and grow veterans to the benefit of their company, the individual veteran, and our nation overall.

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Being a Military Friendly Campus 
Sep 19, 2013

This webinar will look at this dynamic from two sides: through the lens of a military person or military family member “shopping” for a supportive and productive learning environment, and also through the lens of an educational institution which seeks to be truly relevant and tangibly supportive of the military members’ educational and life goals.

Being a Military Friendly Church 
Jul 18, 2013

We will discuss how churches of America (over 358,000) can play a critical role in the lives of military troops, families, and veterans across our land. In light of the unprecedented spiritual, emotional, mental and behavioral health issues in our nation’s armed forces and veterans populations, how does a particular church apply its unique capabilities, calling, and DNA on behalf of the military in their midst?

April 18

Resilient Military Marriage & Family
Apr 18, 2013

We will dive deeper into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by military couples and families. We will first use the Resilience Life Cycle© paradigm to help military families understand techniques to ease the challenges of military transitions. Secondly, we will provide broad cultural understanding and considerations to military counselors and caregivers.

March 8

Battlefront to Home Front & from Military to Civilian
Mar 8, 2013

This webinar will delve deeper into the challenges of the two biggest transitions in a military person's life:

  • Reintegration post-combat after military service
  • Professional transition from military to civilian life
January 25

Faith-based Solutions for the Needs of the Hour
Jan 25, 2013

Often, the difficulties associated with being in the military are overlooked or ignored. Many people don't realize how long deployments away from home and coping with the effects of war can impact a family. We will learn more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how to recognize the warning signs of suicide in service members, veterans, and their spouses.