Military Academic Support

Tutoring can be accessed via an Internet web browser or mobile application, with a network of more than 2,200 expert tutors available round-the-clock. Subjects include math, science, social studies, English, real-time research paper review, and citizenship test preparation.

Online Writing Center

Online Writing Center Video

In support of the University mission, Liberty’s Online Writing Center helps online students at any level of written English proficiency to identify, understand, and improve their academic writing strengths and weaknesses.

To this end, the Online Writing Center offers synchronous and asynchronous tutoring by a wide variety of trained peer tutors with insider experience in the various degree programs offered by Liberty Online. Without editing, Online Writing Center tutors provide comprehensive written feedback on drafts with direct links to web resources and writing aids specific to each student’s writing needs OR will speak with students via Skype to discuss projects at any stage of the writing process. Through the Online Writing Center, online students may also access a wide variety of resources—handouts, worksheets, and presentations—to research writing concerns and improve their academic writing skills.

Office of Disability Academic Support

The Office of Disability Academic Support works in conjunction with students and faculty to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made for students with documented disabilities. If you suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress or from a Traumatic Brain Injury then the Office of Disability Academic Support can assist you academically in the completion of your courses.

You can contact the Office of Disability Academic Support by emailing