Current Students

As a returning student, you have been through the Admissions and New Enrollment process. The key to being successful while using your military benefits is to stay aware and be informed. The government has many rules and regulations governing military benefits that Liberty University must abide by. The Office of Military Affairs will always do its best to inform you of changes to your benefits, and documents needed in order to ensure they are posted to your account.

As you progress through your academic career, there are some important steps to follow every semester that you are enrolled.

STEP 1: Submit updated documents

As you use military benefits, the amounts awarded to you change each semester. Be sure to submit any military documentation that shows a change in eligibility or months of entitlement.

STEP 2: Check your email

The Office of Military Affairs will be in contact with you regarding any needed documents or important notices on your account regarding military benefits.

STEP 3: Utilize Your Resources

The Office of Military Affairs has a dedicated staff of TA, VA, and Accounts Receivable staff to assist you with any questions or concerns that might arise during the course of your studies. We are standing by to address any needs via email or phone.

STEP 4: Know Important Policies

There are several policies and rules that govern military benefits. Please review our policies page to know important information regarding institutional policies, VA and TA policies, and important processes for military benefits.

To contact a TA representative:

To contact a VA representative: