Portfolio Topics

Portfolio Topics

If you were to teach a college course based on your area of expertise, what would that course look like? What would it be called? How would you describe the course? What terminology, concepts and theories are learned in the course? What books have you read that are related to the topic? What makes you an expert on the course topic? Is the subject and course content related to a typical college course?  Is the topic relevant to your degree program?

These answers help us define your portfolio topic and determine the college level learning that matches this topic. The portfolio coordinator will help you identify college-level competencies that are related to the topic when you enroll in GEED 205. You may submit multiple portfolio topics. Topics are generally equal to 3 semester credits, although, the subject matter expert (SME) will determine the depth and breadth of your knowledge and decide the appropriate credit award.

The portfolio topic may be related to a Liberty University course. However, there are some restrictions that apply.  Portfolios are not accepted for speech communications, Bible, theology, philosophy, math, homiletics, engineering, capstone courses, internships, and GOVT 200. This is not an all-inclusive list.

Portfolio topics must be relevant to a discipline of study at Liberty University. However, the topic does not have to match a course taught at Liberty University.

Portfolios will not be accepted for topics that overlap with courses in which credit has already been earned. For example, the portfolio topic of management would not be admissible if the learner has already taken a course equivalent to BUSI 310 (Principles of Management). Portfolios will not be admitted for topics that overlap with national standardized exams such as CLEP or DSST.

Please contact the PLA Coordinator at pla@liberty.edu for portfolio topic approval.