Transfer Policy - Master of Arts in Teaching

General Transfer Policies

  • Regionally or Nationally Accredited Institution, approved through the Department of Education
  • Grade of B or higher
  • 80% course equivalency
  • At least 3 semester hours (5 quarter hours) per course
  • Taken from a graduate program in a closely related field
  • Credit will not be awarded for life experience or continuing education workshops

Degree-Specific Transfer Policies

  • Credit limit of 6 hours
  • Course limit of 5 years of age
  • Completed bachelor’s/master’s degrees are non-transferrable

    Note: This is determined at the time of transcript receipt at Liberty. If the master’s degree is completed at the transfer institution after transcript receipt at Liberty, then please check with your state board from which you will be seeking licensure.

The following courses are non-transferable:

  • EDUC 504 (Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education)
  • EDUC 536 (Secondary Instructional Procedures Practicum)
  • EDUC 554 (Collaborating for Successful Inclusive Classrooms)
  • EDUC 590/591/592/593 (Student Teaching)
  • EDUC 622 (Educational Assessment and Intervention)
  • EDUC 623 (Principles of Behavior Management)
  • EDUC 625 (Content Instructional Procedures)
  • EDUC 632 (Language Acquisition and Instruction)
  • EDUC 673 (Curriculum and Methods for Middle School)
  • EDUC 695 (Directed Research)