Portfolio - Five Step Model

  1. Professional Autobiography
    The autobiography explains the career and academic goals the learner hopes to accomplish, as well as personal interests. Learners write the autobiography as a way to introduce themselves to the Subject Matter Expert (SME). Learners incorporate faith learning, work philosophy, and discussions of spiritual values in the narrative. The professional autobiography is 3-5 pages long.  
  2. Chronological Record 
    The chronology is a time line or resume that highlights critical events that have helped to shape the learner's career and professional development. Job descriptions, skills, training, and achievements are highlighted. The record does not need to be a specific length.                                                                                      
  3. Competency Chart
    The competency chart (rubric) is the key to a successful portfolio. The competency chart lists course objectives from a college syllabus in the first column.  Then, learners describe their conceptual knowledge and experiential learning in the second column which relate to each course objective in the first column. In the 3rd column, students list documentation that relates to achieved competencies in column one. 
  4. Annotated Bibliography
    The annotated bibliography includes a minimum of 3 sources that have been read within the field of study.  Sources should demonstrate up-to-date information and college-level material. Sources may include seminars, workshops, conferences, videos, and other types of media that relate to the topic.  There should be a one paragraph description of each source. The length of the annotated bibliography should be at 2-4 pages.
  5. Documentation
    The documentation provided in the appendices should support the course competency chart and component essay with applicable evidence of external validation. The documentation may include letters of verification from supervisors, certificates, diplomas, transcripts, job descriptions/evaluations, work samples, power point presentations, charts, graphs, photographs, newspaper clippings, etc.
    Note: Do not send original copies of documentation with your portfolio submission as they will not be returned to you.