Air Force (Active Duty, Reserve & National Guard) Tuition Assistance

Eligibility Requirements

How to Enroll

Applying for State TA (Virginia Air National Guard)

Eligibility Requirements

Tuition Assistance (TA) is a benefit offered to Active Duty and “Activated Reservist” service members of the U.S. Air Force to assist with the cost of tuition for eligible U.S. Air Force personnel. Tuition Assistance typically covers up to $250 per credit hour with a fiscal year cap of $4,500. Combined with Liberty University’s military tuition discount for undergraduate students ($250 per credit hour) and graduate students ($275 per credit hour), Tuition Assistance may cover up to 100% of tuition for students who qualify.

Benefit Summary:

  • Must be on Active Duty orders or "activated" status to qualify for TA.
  • May cover up to $250 per credit hour.
  • Fiscal year cap of $4500.
  • Maximum of 18 credit hours may be covered per fiscal year.
  • May cover up to 124 semester hours for undergraduate program and 42 semester hours for graduate program (some restrictions may apply, check with your Education Office for more information).
  • Courses must be requested 7-45 days prior to start date of course (effective 1 October 2014).

Note: Liberty University does not determine eligibility for Tuition Assistance. The above noted items were received from the U.S. Air Force. Please contact your ESO to determine your full eligibility requirements.

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How to Enroll

Step 1 - Contact your Academic Advisor 
Your Academic Advisor will review your account to confirm academic and financial standing and help you in course selection. Your advisor will then release your hold to allow you to register and complete Financial Check-In.

Step 2 - Log in to ASIST to register online  

  • Go to
  • Click on myLU Sign In
  • Enter your username and password
  • Under My Accounts, click ASIST
  • Click on Student
  • Click on Registration, then Add or Drop Classes
  • Select a term and follow the online instructions provided to add a course

Step 3 - Apply for TA

If you are Active Duty or Activated Reserve, go to the Air Force Virtual Education Center web portal to request TA. Once TA is approved, print and sign the paper TA authorization form. 

If you are on drilling status, you may not be eligible to receive Federal TA.  Contact your Education Office for more information.

Step 4 - Submit the TA form to the Military Affairs Office

Your TA form may be submitted by fax to (434) 455-1287 or scan/email to

Please note: TA forms must be submitted prior to completion of Financial Check-In.

Step 5 - Complete Financial Check-In

Financial Check-In is the final step to complete the online registration process. 

Note: Please do not complete Financial Check-In until you receive a confirmation email indicating that your TA has been processed.

   To complete Financial Check-In:

  • Go to
  • Click myLU Sign In
  • Enter your username and password
  • Under My Accounts, click ASIST
  • Click Student
  • Click Financial Check-in

Military TA Deadlines

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Applying for State Tuition Assistance (Virginia Air National Guard)

Step 1: Apply for State TA.

To request State TA, Virginia Army National Guard soldiers must go to the Virginia National Guard website. Click link to "Request State Tuition Assistance Online."

  • Deadline for Fall semester: 1-Jul
  • Deadline for Spring semester: 1-Nov
  • Deadline for Summer semester: 1-Apr

Step 2: The Education Service Office (ESO) at Ft. Pickett will send the Office of Military Affairs a TA Roster for the semester. 

  • If you applied late or were not on the original roster sent to Liberty University for the semester, Ft. Pickett will send us an update.

  • Please note: Ft. Pickett might send you a copy of your approved TA form but we have been advised by Ft. Pickett not to accept them. We must wait for an update sent from Ft. Pickett.

  • The Office of Military Affairs will post the TA to your student account and send you an email to your Liberty University email address.

    • The Office of Military Affairs will post the authorized amount of TA to your student account minus any scholarships.

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