Emergency Response Personnel Discount

(Public Service Discount)

Liberty University is committed to offering you the highest quality of education available. This is why we have developed the Towns/Kopis Emergency Response Tuition Discount, a public service discount for all undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and Willmington School of the Bible emergency response students. This tuition discount entitles undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and Willmington School of the Bible emergency response students to 25 percent off the cost of their tuition.

To view Liberty's current price of tuition, please go to our Tuition & Fees webpage.

Liberty defines Emergency Response Personnel as those students currently (or within the last five years) employed, or volunteering, in the areas of law enforcement, emergency services, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) senior members, fire safety and/or rescue work.

Who is eligible for the Towns/Kopis Emergency Response Tuition Discount?

The following positions are eligible for the discount:

Police/Peace Officer, Special Agent, Parole Officer, Corrections Officer, Firefighter, Search and Rescue Worker (license required), EMS/EMT worker (license required), Civil Air Patrol (Senior Member), FEMA volunteer, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) members, 911 Emergency Dispatcher (certificate required), Park Ranger, Security Officer for Public Safety, Campus Emergency Responder, Campus Police, Border Patrol Officer, Maritime Officer, Medevac (fixed wing/helicopter pilot, ambulance, maritime), Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT), Game Warden, State Trooper, US Marshal, United States Security Personnel field agent (example: FBI, CIA, DHS, DEA), Paramedic

This tuition discount is limited to the qualifying undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and Willmington School of the Bible online students only. Spouses of emergency response students are not eligible for the tuition discount unless the spouse also qualifies for their own discount as an emergency response member.  All students who are expecting to receive this tuition discount and use military benefits should contact the Office of Military Affairs to ensure benefits can be used in conjunction with each other.

  • Fax a letter from employer on agency letterhead, as well as a copy of your agency/employee ID, or a recent pay stub (within 60 days) to your Academic Advisor or Admissions Specialist at (434) 582-2053 or email  For qualifying FOP members; please fax a copy of your FOP membership card.
  • Include student ID number and attention to scholarships in all communication.

For more information on how to determine whether or not you qualify to receive this special discount, please contact a New Enrollment Specialist at (800) 424-9595.