New Tribes Bible Institute

The following Institutional Challenge Exams (ICE) are offered to graduates of New Tribes Bible Institute. If you are pursuing an Associate's Degree in Religion or a Bachelor's degree in Religion, you may be able to earn up to 21 credits by ICE exam. Here are exams that you may consider, if you are a graduate of New Tribes Mission.

  • Old Testament Survey (BIBL 105)
  • New Testament Survey (BIBL 110)
  • Theology Survey I (THEO 201)
  • Theology Survey II (THEO 202)
  • Acts (BIBL 364)
  • Romans (BIBL 425)
  • Daniel/Revelation (BIBL 450)

To review the guidelines and fees associated with ICE exams, go to for more information.

In addition, you may also consider the portfolio process to petition for credit in Evangelism (EVAN 101) and Missions (ICST 200). To learn more about this option, go to