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Getting Started


Liberty University Network Account

To receive assistance with your Liberty Network Account, feel free to contact HelpdeskDIY.

New FAFSA Filer

Learn how to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool for first time filers

Returning Filer

Learn how to renew your FAFSA as a returning filer



Viewing Remaining Courses

Learn where to see the classes you have remaining for graduation

Viewing Prerequisites

Learn how to see if any of your courses have required prerequisites

Adding and Dropping Courses

Learn how to register and drop courses

Viewing Your Schedule

Learn how to view your schedule for the upcoming semester

Financial Check In

Where to Start

Learn where to locate your Financial Check In and how to start the process.


Learn more information about this step of your Financial Check In.


Financial Information

Learn more information about this step of your Financial Check In.

Contract Information

Learn more information about this step of your Financial Check In.

Books & Course Materials

Locating Books via ASIST

Learn how to see your required course materials from ASIST.

Locating Books via MBS Direct

Learn how to order your required course materials on MBS Direct.

DCPA (Degree Completion Plan Audit)

Degree Completion Plan (DCP)- Audit

To find out what classes you have left to take before graduation or to request a degree change, take a look at the DCP Audit tutorial.

Degree Completion Plan (DCP)- GPA Calculator

You can use this online tool to help determine what grades you need to earn your desired GPA

Degree Completion Plan (DCP)- What-If Analysis Tool

To find out what it would look to change your cognate, add a minor, or change your degree all together check out this helpful tool.

Degree Completion Plan (DCP)- Downloading as PDF

This tool allows you to download your degree completion plan audit as a PDF file for printing. 

Student Resources

Android Email Setup

Learn how to add your Liberty Webmail to your Android device

iOS Email Setup

Learn how to add your Liberty Webmail to your iOS device. 


How to Setup Your Liberty Email in Outlook


Liberty Today

Learn the basics of the Liberty Today app. Available as a free download in the Google Play or App Store.


How to Manage Your Time

Learn how to budget and manage your time effectively.

Creating an Organized Workspace

Learn how to organize your workspace. 

SQ4R Study Strategy

Watch this video to learn how to use the SQ4R study strategy to assist you with your studies.


Tips for Taking Online Quizzes and Tests

Learn important tips for taking online quizzes and tests.


New Student Tools

Learn more about the resources that can help you succeed as an online student.

Current Student Resources

Learn more about the resources available online to help you reach your academic goals


Registering for Liberty  Landing

Learn how to register for Liberty Landing, our private Facebook Community.

Joining Liberty Landing Communities

Learn how to join Communities in Liberty Landing.

Researching a Company

Learn how to research a company to prepare for a job fair. 


Do's and Don'ts

Learn what to do and not to do during a Virtual Career Fair. 


Learn to navigate the Virtual Career Fair.


Find useful information about graduation requirements and ceremonies, student recourses, as well as diploma and transcript requests.


Direct Integration (Blackboard)

Watch this video to learn more about the Direct Integration tools available for some courses through Blackboard.

LU Network

Learn how to search for Jobs and Internships through the LU Network.

New Website Updates (12/21/16)

Check out the website updates that will be going live on December 21st, 2016.



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