Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology

Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology

Disparate cultures are interacting more than ever before, making ethnomusicology an important field of study in areas, such as music education, music performance, and other areas of cross-cultural service. Liberty University Online’s Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology challenges the notion that music is a universal language. It teaches that music systems vary from culture to culture just like languages. Gaining a basic understanding of a culture’s music can be vital to gaining access to its people.

The M.A. in Ethnomusicology through Liberty Online offers an innovative education in world music for students seeking careers in cross-cultural environments. Each course provides students with knowledge of the basic principles of ethnomusicology and the role of an ethnomusicologist.

There are four basic program components:

  • Scholarship and Research: Academic readings, history, and theories of application
  • Skill Development: Non-Western music theories, alternate systems of notation, transcription and analysis of music, and cultural analysis
  • Performance: Applied study and/or ensemble performance in ethnic music
  • Application: Field experience (internship), thesis, or project

A required residency consists of 2 one-week intensive courses that can be completed in one or more summers. All other courses are offered through Liberty Online.

Quick Facts

Program Delivery Format

Residency Requirements

Credit Hours

  • 45 total hours; up to 12 credit hours of appropriately accredited graduate work may be transferred in as applicable


  • A 3-credit hour thesis is required

Field Experience

  • Three credit hours of field experience required

Potential Career Options

  • Teaching
  • Research

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