Ronald HawkinsDr. Ronald E. Hawkins
Provost & Chief Academic Officer
Founding Dean, School of Behavioral Sciences
  Ben GutierrezDr. Ben Gutierrez
Co-Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs

Gabe EtzelDr. Gabe Etzel
Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education


Scott HicksDr. Scott Hicks
Vice Provost, Graduate Education

Dr. Skip Kastroll
Associate Vice Provost of Institutional Effectiveness


Matt ZealandMatt Zealand
Associate Vice Provost, Academic Planning 

Dr. Shanna Akers
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate Programs


Douglas F. MannDr. Douglas F. Mann
Administrative Dean for Graduate Programs and Dean of the Graduate School

Elisa RollinsElisa Rollins
Assistant Vice Provost, Quality Enhancement of Undergraduate Education


Helene Vance










Shawn AkersShawn Akers, J.D.
Dean, Helms School of Government


Peter BellDr. Peter Bell
Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Deanna BrittDr. Deanna Britt
Dean, School of Nursing


Dave CallandDr. Dave Calland
Interim Dean, School of Business


David DonahooDavid Donahoo
Dean, School of Engineering and Computational Sciences


Keith FaulknerB. Keith Faulkner, J.D.
Dean, School of Law

Scott HayesScott Hayes
Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts


Ed HIndsonDr. Ed Hindson
Dean, Rawlings School of Divinity

Bruce KirkDr. Bruce Kirk
Dean, School of Communication and Digital Content


Ralph LinstraDr. Ralph Linstra
Dean, School of Health Sciences

Jim MolloyJim Molloy
Dean, School of Aeronautics


Angela RiceAngela Rice
Dean, Jerry Falwell Library

Heather SchoffstallDr. Heather Schoffstall
Dean, School of Education
  Roger SchultzDr. Roger Schultz
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Ester WarrenDr. Ester Warren
Dean, College of General Studies
  Steve WarrenDr. Steve Warren
Dean, School of Behavioral Sciences
Vernon WhaleyDr. Vernon Whaley
Dean, School of Music
  Brian YatesDr. Brian Yates
Dean, College of Applied Studies and Academic Success