Liberty University Video Watermark Policy

New Media Communications and Liberty University are adopting a uniform branding, by watermark, policy for all streamed and external video distribution.  In some instances this policy is already in effect, but full implementation and compliance for all departments will begin on June 1, 2010.

The purpose of this policy is to protect, brand and copyright intellectual property, graphics and video content created by Liberty University.  In some cases, as with DVD, CD, or Blue Ray content, a disclaimer and/or end copyright notice may be added to the video before its release to the public.  Content affected will include Video on demand, certain live streamed video, video content in any format that is released as files, CD, Blue Ray or DVD .  Not included in this policy are long form broadcast programs such as: WTLU programming, sporting events, concerts, TRBC, commercial or promotional spots produced for over-the-air release, student produced video for class projects, or other university copyrighted content.  The vast majority of content that currently goes through Liberty University streaming services at NMC will receive this watermark through a totally automated process.  The following departments that presently use our transcoding services are: Athletics, Café Video courses, LU Online (through University Advancement) and Campus Church/Convocation.

The position, color and format of this watermark will not change. The automatically encoded watermark will appear in the upper left of the picture just outside safe title and safe picture areas.

This policy has been reviewed  and approved by NMC and by Dr. Barry Moore.

For comments and questions regarding this policy contact Mike Gerringer.