Overview of LUOA Disability Support Processes

Requesting Accommodations

The Liberty University Online Academy Office of Disability Accommodation Support (LUOA ODAS) exists to provide Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) students with disabilities equal access in its LUOA K-12 courses and its Liberty University college-level courses offered through LUOA’s dual enrollment program. LUOA ODAS also provides disability accommodations to students of LUOA-affiliated schools who are enrolled or participate in LUOA programs and activities but only to the extent that such students are enrolled or participate in LUOA programs and activities and the accommodations relate to such enrollment or participation in LUOA programs and activities. If you have a child with a disability who qualifies for LUOA ODAS services and would like him or her to receive accommodations, please complete the following steps:

  1. The parent or legal guardian must apply to and have the student accepted by Liberty University Online Academy. The accommodation application process to the Office of Disability Accommodation Support (ODAS) generally cannot begin until a student’s application is accepted by the Academy.
  2. The parent or legal guardian must complete a Notification of Need Form and email it directly to the LUOA ODAS office at luoodas@liberty.edu in order to officially notify the Academy of the student’s disability and need for accommodations. The parent or legal guardian must fill out the form in its entirety; incomplete forms will not be accepted. Once the completed Notification of Need Form has been received, the LUOA ODAS staff will email the parent or legal guardian to acknowledge receipt of the form and to begin the interactive process for verifying the disability and determining appropriate accommodation(s).
  3. The parent or legal guardian must submit appropriate and comprehensive medical documentation to LUOA ODAS. As different conditions call for different specifications in medical documentation, we have provided you with a list of documentation requirements for many of the major categories of impairments/ disabilities/chronic illnesses. Please refer to these requirements for your specific category of need when sending in medical documentation and be sure that all criteria are met before having your doctor submit the medical documentation. Should your child have multiple disabilities that cover a range of categories, be sure to include the appropriate information for each of these categories. Should your specific category of need not be covered in any of the documentation requirements, please contact LUOA ODAS for the medical documentation requirements. The LUOA ODAS staff will need to be informed of your child’s condition so that they can offer an appropriate response regarding your specific medical documentation requirements. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the acceptability of your medical documentation, what some of the requirements mean, or what category your impairment, disability or chronic illness may fall under, please feel free to contact the LUOA ODAS office by email (preferred): luoodas@liberty.edu or by phone: 1 (800) 424-9595. LUOA ODAS strives for a 24-48 hour response time for all inquiries concerning students, with the exception of weekends and holidays. Please wait until after 2 business days have passed before contacting LUOA ODAS staff again regarding the same issue.
  4. Once medical documentation is received, the LUOA ODAS staff will review, verify, and assess the documentation. If further information is needed or if the documentation submitted is insufficient, the parent or legal guardian will be notified. After the review process is complete, the LUOA ODAS staff will determine what accommodations, if any, a student is eligible to receive. These proposed accommodations are not exclusive, and LUOA ODAS will always consider requests for other accommodations to meet a student’s individual needs.
  5. If a student is eligible to receive accommodations in his or her classes, the LUOA ODAS staff will email the parent or legal guardian an Accommodations Acceptance Form. This form will inform the family of what accommodations the student is eligible to receive, as well as what his/her responsibilities are for receiving the accommodations each year. The parent or legal guardian must sign the form and email it to the LUOA ODAS staff before accommodations can be made effective. By signing the form, the parent or legal guardian acknowledges that he or she is responsible to complete the expected requirements by their due dates in order to receive accommodations. Accommodations cannot be backdated for courses or assignments that have already been completed; they can only be implemented for courses and assignments following LUOA ODAS’ receipt of a completed and signed Accommodations Acceptance Form. Due to the processing time involved in certain accommodations, such as alternative formats for textbooks or transcripts for audio files, the LUOA ODAS staff recommends that all requests for disability accommodations be submitted as soon as possible and, preferably, at least two months before the start of classes each term. Requests for alternative formats and transcripts should be submitted by completing an Alternative Textbook Form and emailing it to luoodas@liberty.edu.


Receiving Accommodations

  1. The parent or legal guardian must first complete the requirements listed above in the Requesting Accommodations section.
  2. Once the parent or legal guardian has completed these requirements, he or she must notify the LUOA ODAS staff with the required information for accommodations to be offered to the student. The required information can be found in the Accommodations Request Form.
  3. Once the required information is received by LUOA ODAS staff, the staff will notify the appropriate parties (i.e. publishers, administrators, faculty, etc.) to ensure that the student receives his/her accommodations. The LUOA ODAS staff is not responsible if a student does not receive accommodations due to the student’s failure to notify them of the necessary information (i.e., transcript requests two months in advance, accommodation requests one week in advance, etc.).
  4. If the student’s medical condition changes, it is the parent or legal guardian’s responsibility to notify the LUOA ODAS staff as soon as possible.
  5. In accordance with applicable disability laws and regulations, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, medical documentation will be reviewed on a regular basis. If the documentation is outdated or if further information is required, the parent or legal guardian will be notified. The parent or legal guardian will also be notified if, during the review process, any changes are made to the student’s accommodations. As explained above, the disability services process is interactive and LUOA ODAS will work closely with students with a disability and their parents or legal guardians to ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided pursuant to LUOA policies and processes.


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