Enactus Team Competes in Ideafest Competition

Liberty University Enactus on display at Idea Fest Competition

The Liberty University Enactus team participated in the 2014 Ideafest sponsored by the Danville Regional Foundation. Its goal is to unite the community in order to draw entrepreneurs to present their ideas for new business ventures. The Ideafest organizers are convinced that long term business development in the area should begin with entrepreneurs.

Ideafest selected 25 entrepreneur teams to present an “elevator pitch” of their ideas to a panel of judges. Judges were Dr. George Young, Dave Neal, Rick Barker, Eva Doss and Dr. Dick Daugherty.

Danville as “a region that is reinventing itself” through entrepreneurship. “We’ve learned a hard lesson in relying on one company or industry,” he said. “We need to diversify our economy.”

Liberty University School of Business presented a student led start-up company to import Dominican Republic (DR) coffee from a local DR grower/roaster/importer and we will sell the DR coffee in the USA and using percentage of the profits to fund a local DR orphanage and grow the company. Brewvita’s business model is based upon Corporate Social Responsibility; think of Tom’s Shoes meets Worldvision, only the product is high end coffee from the DR.