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Former NFL player visits Liberty

April 4, 2008 : Mitzi Bible

Former NFL player Derwin Gray spoke at convocation service at Liberty University Friday. Gray is founder of One Heart at a Time ministries and a pastor with theGathering, a multi-ethnic church in Charlotte, N.C.

Gray, who has made radio and television appearances and is known for the movie, “Evangelism Linebacker,” challenged Liberty students to “marinate” with him on the issue of brokenness.

“Many of us in this room have brokenness. But I’ve got good news. You see, Jesus is attracted to brokenness,” he said. “Read the New Testament; the people God used were people who were broken. The greatest day of your life and my life is when we realize our brokenness. … When we admit our brokenness, God does a fantastic, incredible work in our lives. His grace comes to the rescue. …”

He also talked about relationship issues and about the need for the church to not be segregated on Sunday mornings by racial and ethnic groups.

At the end of his talk, the area in front of the stage was flooded with students who followed through with his request to write down the areas they were “broken” in and leave them there, symbolically, to begin anew.

Gray has spoken at Billy Graham Evangelistic Association events, Franklin Graham Festivals, National Apologetics Conferences and other events for pastors, men and youth. He is a speaker for Song of Solomon For Students Conferences and Dare 2 Share Ministries. He has also spoken with his wife, Vicki, on marriage enrichment topics.

In his football career, Gray played five seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and one season with the Carolina Panthers. He was nominated twice for the Pro Bowl and served as one of the team captains on the 1995-1996 Colts team that advanced to the AFC Championship game.

Learn more about Gray and his ministry at

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