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South Carolina couple invests in Liberty's future

December 1, 2008 : N/A

There are many people residing miles outside the Liberty University campus who have decided to support the school in big ways. Some travel to cheer from the bleachers at sporting events or applaud at theater and music performances.

Forrest and Sandra McIntyre of Hilton Head, S.C., have decided to support the school financially, to ensure that programs like these continue at LU and that more and more students are trained to be Champions for Christ, the main vision of Liberty’s founder, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell.

The McIntyres were part of the faithful TV audience who watched this vision take shape from a television in their living room. It was on Falwell’s “Old Time Gospel Hour” TV show, broadcast from Thomas Road Baptist Church, that they learned more about Liberty University and the Planned Giving Department.

In 1987, Forrest was working in Roanoke, Va., about an hour away from the LU campus, and heard about Falwell and his growing church. He made a visit, learned about Liberty University and immediately knew he and his wife, Sandra, should help support the ministry.

“The more I learned, the more I liked it,” Forrest said.

Forrest, now a retired Norfolk Southern Railroad executive, wanted to find a way he could invest in Liberty and plan for his family’s future at the same time. A planned giving officer at LU told them about Liberty’s Charitable Gift Annuity program.

A charitable gift annuity allows a donor to transfer cash or securities in exchange for the charity’s promise to pay a fixed income for life. According to their age, donors get a rate of return that stays the same for the rest of their life. Most LU donors receive electronic transfers on a monthly or quarterly basis. A portion of the income is tax-deductible.

The couple agreed to a gift annuity. They then purchased an insurance policy in the amount of the annuity for their remaining family. With the payments from the gift annuity they could make the insurance policy payments and still have income and other tax benefits.

Forrest said it was an investment decision that has worked.

“Not only can we give money to a charity like Liberty University in which we strongly believe, but we can benefit from knowing we will be supporting Christian education for future generations. We are also hoping that someday our young grandchildren and great-grandchildren will attend Liberty University.”

To learn more about Planned Giving to Liberty University, go to or call (800) 543-5309.

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