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Prayer and Renewal pastor speaks at Monday's convocation

February 2, 2009 : Dominique McKay

Daniel Henderson, assistant professor of Renewal and Church Leadership at Liberty University and pastor of Prayer and Renewal at Thomas Road Baptist Church, opened Liberty’s Monday convocation with a message to students on remaining spiritually vital through prayer.

Quoting Brooklyn Tabernacle pastor Jim Cymbala, Henderson told students, “The greatest answer to prayer is more prayer.” Using 2 Corinthians 4:7, he first encouraged students to discover the treasure inside of them.

“Christ, who is the champion, lives his life through you,” he said. “That is what it means to be a Champion for Christ.”

Henderson emphasized, through the testimonies of three students, that everyone has the ability to discover an endless and life-changing treasure through intimacy with Christ.

LU student Josh Saefkow said although he read many books on prayer, he still had a desire to develop a deeper connection with God. Saefkow attended a leadership camp soon after arriving at Liberty, and he discovered he was holding himself back from that deep connection.

“I approached this creative, awesome and holy God as if he was a boring person,” Saefkow said. “So God renewed this spirit within me to just be broken before Him, to be hungry for Him.”

LU student Kelly Rucker said in the past, she prayed for friends and family members out of obligation but soon discovered that prayer was not a task but a privilege and honor. Rucker then made a personal commitment to continually seek God’s face and know his heart through prayer.

LU student John Cheshire described his experiences with prayer as “boring and dry.” He came to a point in his life when he was completely unsatisfied with his prayer life and began to set aside time in the mornings to spend time with Christ. Cheshire said it was then that he realized many of his prayers were completely selfish and that he needed to begin glorifying God through prayer. After discovering this treasure, Cheshire said he wanted to share it with other people he knew and began inviting friends over each morning for prayer.

“It is God who is working through our prayers and He’s done far more than I ever thought possible,” Cheshire said.

Henderson then went on to warn students to “distrust the container.” He described the outward appearance of the physical body as a “clay pot” saying that humans dress up and change their clay pots in order to be more attractive.

“Don’t put your confidence in your clay pot,” Henderson said. “Your imperfections, your frailties, your weaknesses are not defects; they are assets.”

He closed by saying Christians must find their power source is Christ: “I don’t really care what you do with your life, but I do care about the power that you do it with.”


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