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Online student Jill Hannity offers thoughts on Chilean rescue

October 13, 2010 : Jill Hannity

Note: The following thoughts were submitted by Liberty University Online student Jill Hannity, wife of radio and TV talk show host Sean Hannity, during the rescue of the miners in Chile, who were trapped for more than two months.

The events unfolding in Chile today have caused me to think of something God is revealing to the world. I turned on the news last night, out of curiosity only, to watch the rescue efforts in Chile - and I ended up watching it all night long. I wrote these thoughts first thing this morning to a close friend who is going through a difficult time in her life.

"Watch the news today for a while. The Chilean miners are being rescued. Think about what is really going on here as you watch. You are witnessing the basic human struggle we all wrestle with on various levels every day. What do you see in these miners?

Dark vs. Light: The capacity God grants the human spirit to muster up hope when all seems lost, perseverance when tragedy seems imminent, and our ability to keep going, stay calm, make a plan, and, in the middle of our deepest, darkest fears, to push up through to the Light.

Here is an example, for the whole world to see, God is providing and revealing to us that hope and Light can and do win out over brokenness and darkness. It might take a while, and the despair may seem so buried, and everything seems to be crumbling down on top of us. But ... there IS a way back to the Light of day. And this is what we are seeing today in this event. God is revealing it to us today."

I don't know what the news or the commentators of the world are saying about it, but this is what I see happening. I hope what God is doing here does not get lost on the world.

It is only through God's mercy on me and His love for me, and the privilege I have of learning about Him these last few years at Liberty University, I am sure, that I am (and all the others like me) able to see these kinds of positive events in the world for what they really are, or can be if we would only realize it. We have seen way too many events that are dark only, and evil only, and that end in tragedy and disaster - and then that's it. Nothing else. Just death and destruction.

These events in Chile are the opposite of that; a time and a place where we can see God is working and He is, in fact, with us. It's like the world needed a little shot in the arm amidst all the spiritual sickness we have. And that's why today is so great!

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