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Samuel Morrison awarded for outstanding community impact

April 18, 2014 : Liberty University News Service

Liberty University presents Samuel Morrison with its 2014 CSER volunteer of the year award.
Dr. Lew Weider (left), director of Liberty University's Center for Christian/Community Service, presented senior Samuel Morrison with the CSER Volunteer of the Year Award on April 18 in Convocation. E.C. Glass High School varsity assistant football coach Tim Peterson (right) nominated Morrison for his outstanding service to the team.

The Center for Christian/Community Service (CSER) awarded Liberty University senior Samuel Morrison the CSER Volunteer of the Year Award during Convocation on Friday. The award is presented annually to a student whose work demonstrates Liberty University’s mission to serve others and glorify God within the community. Morrison was recognized for the work he has done at a local Lynchburg high school, E.C. Glass.

Morrison volunteered with the high school’s football team from the fall 2012 season to the spring 2014 off-season. His supervisor, varsity assistant football coach Tim Peterson, nominated Morrison for the award because of his commitment and positive attitude.

“While fulfilling his duties, he was always willing to listen, learn, and make himself and those around him better,” Peterson said. “He was a role model for the younger players, as they were always aware of his hard work, dedication, and leadership.”

Liberty students are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of Christian service each semester before they receive their diplomas, but many students, like Morrison, go above and beyond the requirement.

Peterson said that Morrison volunteered more than 300 hours each fall semester and 125 hours each spring semester working with freshman, junior varsity, and varsity teams on the field and in study hall.

Morrison chose to coach because he missed his playing days from football in high school and wanted to make an impact on the local community. In between taking students to their physical therapy appointments or staying late to review film with coaches, Morrison said he learned that serving in the community was much more than fulfilling graduation requirements.

“I coach because it gives me an opportunity to pour into kids’ lives and be there for them,” Morrison said. “It has helped me grow as a Christian because it has made me realize that this life really is not about what I can do for myself, but in what ways can I help others.”

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