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Bestselling author and speaker Angela Thomas spoke at Liberty University’s Convocation on Wednesday, Sept. 12, about running the race of life for Christ with perseverance. ...
By Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service
Pastor and bestselling author Tullian Tchividjian, grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham, returned to Liberty University on Monday, inspiring students at Convocation. ...
By Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service
Liberty University alumna and vice president of World Help, Noel Brewer Yeatts, addressed students in Monday’s Convocation. ...
By Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service
Students gathered in the Vines Center at Liberty University for the first Convocation of the 2012-13 academic year on Wednesday, Aug. 22. ...
By Drew Menard/Liberty University News Service
Liberty University Convocation, the largest weekly gathering of Christian students, announced its Fall 2012 schedule of speakers. ...
Liberty University News Service
In his first time speaking at Liberty University, Pastor Mark Driscoll preached on the parable of the prodigal son in Friday’s convocation. ...
By Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service
Naomi Zacharias, director of Wellspring International, told Liberty University students in Monday’s convocation how the Lord gave her a passion for helping women and children with humanitarian aid. ...
By Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service
Dr. Ben Carson, a world-famous pediatric neurosurgeon, was the featured speaker for the March 28 convocation. ...
By Drew Menard & Bethany Pico
The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, a leading spokesperson for Hispanic Evangelicals, challenged Liberty University students in Wednesday’s convocation to work for the “agenda of the Lamb” by using their freedom in Christ to reach the world. ...
By Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service
Best-selling author and speaker Dr. Emerson Eggerichs shared his testimony in Wednesday’s convocation, encouraging students to take their personal pain and become “wounded healers.”
By Bethany Pico/ Liberty University News Service
Evangelist Tim Lee challenged students in Monday’s convocation to have a “deep commitment” to the Lord and to be motivated in their walk with him. ...
By Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service
Liberty University’s largest Missions Emphasis Week wrapped-up in Friday’s convocation as campus pastor Johnnie Moore spoke to students “from the inside,” challenging them to love their neighbor as they love themselves and to be proactive in missions work. ...
By Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service
In his first visit to Liberty University, Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, shared with students on Wednesday about how God brought him from a tragic childhood to become the leader of a global Christian organization that ministers to families. ...
Liberty University News Service
Focus on the Family President and CEO Jim Daly will speak at Liberty University’s convocation on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 10 a.m. in the Vines Center. ...
Liberty University News Service
Cal Thomas, America’s most widely syndicated op-ed columnist and a longtime friend of Liberty University and its founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, challenged students on Monday to honor God with their lives. ...
By Bethany Pico/Liberty University News Service
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