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Tuition and Fees

Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plans are available!

Liberty University Online Academy courses are offered in both full-year courses (10 units valued as 1 credit) and half-year courses (5 units valued as a 1/2 credit).



Application Fee

$25 per student


Full-time Students

Students enrolled full time can save money and are eligible for various discounts.

Full Time Student Tuition


Full-time students in grades K-1 are enrolled in a minimum of three credits per year. Full-time students in grades 2-12 are enrolled in a minimum of five credits per year.

$549 per credit

$274.50 per 1/2 credit

Family Tuition Plan


First two students must be enrolled in at least 5 credits each for the year or 2.5 credits for a semester

$549 per credit

$274.50 per 1/2 credit

Three or more students in the same family

20 percent discount on third student and any additional students

Part-time Students

A part-time student enrolls only in select courses with Liberty University Online Academy. This is an excellent option for students who are enrolled in another school or are homeschooled but need a few specific courses to supplement their education.

Part Time Student Tuition


Full Year - 1 credit course

$549 per credit

Semester - 1/2 credit course

$274.50 per subject