Liberty University Online

Commodity Code Additions

Two commodity codes have been introduced to improve Liberty University’s financial reporting. The new shipping cost reconciliation process is also covered in this newsletter.

Commodity Code


Corresponding Account Code



Electronic Storage Space


Electronic storage space hosted either on-site or externally.


Freight – Inbound


Shipping/postage costs for goods being delivered to the university.

Reconciling Shipping Costs

Commodity Code MLINFRGT will allow the university to track annual shipping. Now that we have this code, cardholders must separate shipping costs from the cost of the goods purchased when reconciling. The process to reconcile shipping costs is simple with RapidRecon. Please follow these steps:

  1. In this example, we have a transaction for $44.99 ($40 for the actual product cost and $4.99 for shipping). Begin by creating a new order in RapidRecon. In the first line item (next to the number one to the left), enter the amount, description, and FOAPAL (fund, organization, account, program, activity, and location) of the actual item purchased.
  2. Click the “Add A Line Item” button.
  3. A second line item will be added. Enter the cost of shipping in the second line item and enter “shipping” in the item description. Then, click on the blue FOAPAL link for the shipping line item to add the commodity code.
  4. Enter the new commodity code, MLINFRGT, or use the percent sign (%) to find it among the list of commodity codes. The account code should update to 712011.
  5. After you save the order, you’ll reconcile your transaction. The transaction will split across the separate line items you’ve added in the order.

Note: Do not use the “Shipping/Freight” field when entering the shipping cost. The amount entered in this field does not post to the MLINFRGT commodity code.

Benevolence Gifts

When someone in our university family has a major life event such as a wedding, birth, or loss, the university is happy to send gifts of congratulations or condolences. These gifts must first be approved by the Office of the President if university funds will be used to cover the cost.

As an alternative, departments may take up a collection of personal donations to purchase gifts separate from the university. These purchases must be made personally and not placed on the P-Card.

University I.O.U.?

P-Cards are never to be used to make personal purchases, even with the intent to reimburse the university.

If you find it difficult to distinguish your P-Card from other cards in your wallet, keeping it separate may help. Card “sleeves” can also put an extra layer of protection between you and your P-Card to make you think twice before pulling it out.

My P-Card, Your P-Card?

Do not share your P-Card. A P-Card may be used only by the person whose name is on the card. Do not entrust your P-Card to anyone. This rule aims to protect the university, but it ultimately protects you from being held liable for misuse or fraud.

Updated P-Card Application

The P-Card application has been updated to help automate processes that will allow applicants to have a better grasp on what is required of them to get their P-Card.

The following key requirements must be met to receive a Liberty University P-Card:

  1. P-Card application
  2. Cardholder agreement (included in the application)
  3. Finance 100
  4. Request for Fund/Org Access Form
  5. Travel Policy Acknowledgment Letter (if the applicant is requesting travel permissions on the card)
  6. P-Card training (if cardholder is reconciling)

My P-Card is Expiring Soon. What do I do?

Replacements for expiring cards are received by the P-Card Office prior to the cards’ expiration month. Upon receipt, the P-Card Office sends an email to the cardholder with instructions detailing the requirements for picking up a new P-Card. Requirements include the following:

  • Re-signing the online P-Card Cardholder Agreement
  • Completing Finance 100 and passing the accompanying quiz
  • Returning the old P-Card to the P-Card Office

Online “Banking” for Your P-Card

All cardholders have the ability to view details of their individual P-Card accounts with BB&T’s online service called Credit Card Connection (CCC).

Upon enrolling through, cardholders have 24/7/365 access to view their P-Card transactions, transaction declines, monthly credit limit, and remaining available balance. Cardholders also have the option to set up a text alert to notify them when they are getting close to their monthly credit limit. For additional information, see the tutorials for enrolling in CCC and navigating CCC.

Note: There is an option to set up email alerts instead of text alerts, but this is not recommended as these emails have not been delivered reliably to university email addresses.

One Way to Say Goodbye

Leaving Liberty? Transferring from one department to another? Remember to notify the P-Card Office by completing a P-Card addendum. You’ll also want to make sure all of your receipts remain in your department’s records so they can be accessed easily in the case of an audit.