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Readerboard Policy and Procedure

Readerboard Message Instructions 

  1. Email your message to readerboard@liberty.edu. Your request should include the name, date, time, and location of the event you want displayed*.
  2. The readerboard weekly schedule runs Wednesday-Tuesday. The submission deadline is 11:00 a.m. on Monday. If you would like to make a request for the schedule, you must submit it by the Monday prior to the schedule start.

    Submission deadline calendar

  3. If you want your message to run for more than one week, you must submit your message again the next week.
  4. Your message will appear in the week's message rotation provided it conforms to the Readerboard Policy and dependent on the priority of the message and volume of other requests.

*Your message may be edited for space.

Readerboard Policy 


Liberty University owns and operates 5 full-color readerboard signs. The purpose of these signs is to disseminate information regarding special events and unique accomplishments related to Liberty University. (The sixth sign, designated for use by TRBC and LCA exclusively, is managed by a representative from those organizations.)
This policy will relate only to those readerboards managed by Marketing/Web Content.

Marketing/Web Content reserves the right to make final decisions regarding content.


Schedules for readerboard messaging are created weekly. Messages to be posted for that week must be emailed to readerboard@liberty.edu before the published deadline. Please note the actual weekly schedule runs from two days after the submission deadline day. An event does not necessarily have to occur within a given week to be included in that week’s schedule.

Unscheduled posts

Requests received after 11 a.m. on the deadline day will be considered an unscheduled post and will be scheduled only under extenuating circumstances.

Unscheduled posts will only be accepted when they pertain to events which could not have been predicted or occurred after the scheduled deadline. It is the responsibility of the message sponsor to inform Marketing/Web Content as soon as they are aware of the event or the likelihood of it occurring.

Message duration

In general, most messages will run from one to four days in a 7 day period, depending upon the volume of other messages and the importance of the event. If a message should continue for more than one week, a second email needs to be sent to readerboard@liberty.edu.

Message criteria

In an effort to preserve the original purpose of the readerboard signs, Liberty University has developed criteria by which each week’s messages will be selected:

  • All messages must be related to Liberty University.
  • All messages must concern events open to the general public or accomplishments/announcements which would be of interest to them (with the exception of campus-facing readerboards).
  • Events which concern a larger number of people will generally take precedence over smaller gatherings.
  • Events that are seasonal or occur with less frequency will be given priority over events that occur on a regular basis.

Athletics, theatre and other university-sponsored events will be posted as promotional in nature, to boost attendance for those events open to the public. Game scores and/or competition outcomes will only be posted for those events that have unique news value, such as play-off games and national tournaments. All game outcomes must be treated as unscheduled posts by nature of their time sensitivity.

Vines Center and University Blvd (campus-facing side) readerboards

The Vines Center readerboard and the side of the University Blvd readerboard that faces main campus are the only readerboards that will display messages which do not relate to the general public. Messages may appeal to the faculty, staff, or student body of Liberty University (general public announcements may also appear).
Departments/organizations wishing to display an LU-only message on the Vines Center or University Blvd readerboard should follow the instructions above, communicating that their message is appropriate for an internal audience. All points of the policy concerning message scheduling, duration, and criteria apply.

Contact information
E-mail message requests to readerboard@liberty.edu.

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