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Monday, January 26, 2009 Old document deletion

In my last post, I asked everyone to delete old documents out of their File Managers so that we prevent misinforming site visitors and generally looking like we don't keep up with our content.

My coworkers and I will now begin deleting old files out of File Managers. If you'd like to prevent our meddling in your documents, please check your File Manager today. Feel free to email me at karost@liberty.edu if you've performed this maintenance already. I'll send you my sincere thanks... and your gold star for the day. gold star

This subject brings up two important points.

  1. Give your documents, especially those you will update periodically, filenames without dates in them.
    Instead, put the date of last edit on the document - in the footer, for example. That way when you have an updated version of the document, you can upload the new one over the old, and none of your links will need to be updated, because the filename will have remained the same. It's like saving over an existing document on your computer.
  2. Save a copy of what you upload.
    If your content ever gets inadvertently deleted by you (or us as we perform this clean-up, for example!) there is a back-up you can upload.

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