March 2014 Employee Newsletter


A Word from the President


The Center for Global Engagement and the Office of International Student Services recently hosted Global Focus Week. This semiannual event included influential Convocation speakers, workshops, an expo with more than 60 international organizations, and a night where our international students shared food from their native countries. Liberty students, faculty, and staff learned about different cultures and gained a global perspective.

Liberty is proud to be the home of nearly 1,000 international students from more than 75 countries as they earn degrees in many different disciplines. I thank you for creating the nurturing environment they need while they are so far away from home. Many of them cannot return to their families during breaks, and several of you have opened your own homes to these students. We appreciate the time that you and your family spend with them; it is an important part of their learning experience here.

It is through our international students — and through those who follow God’s call to the mission field or to careers in a foreign country — that Liberty has the greatest chance to impact the world. I keep in touch with many alumni who are doing just that. I learned recently that Liberty now has about 100 graduates serving with the International Mission Board. Thousands more are working with other organizations overseas. Many of them first became aware of these opportunities during Global Focus Week at Liberty.

As faculty and staff of the world’s largest Christian university, let’s thank God for allowing Liberty to play a part in His work throughout this earth.

Jerry Falwell, Jr.



Liberty Personnel Show Dedication in Snowstorm

When winter storms blanket the area in snow, most Liberty employees retreat to their homes. However, select personnel must brave the weather and remain on campus to ensure that the student population is provided for and that essential university operations continue to function. Representing a variety of departments, each of these individuals deserves our highest praise and gratitude for their service on behalf of Liberty University.

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Thank you for Your Invaluable Service

After 33 years at the helm of Liberty University’s WRVL Victory FM, Jerry Edwards recently announced his retirement from his position as general manager. A gifted broadcaster, Edwards was integral in Victory FM’s growth into a regional network with 25 full-power and translator stations. Additionally, Edwards ministered to students by providing them with opportunities to develop their skills through hands-on experience working at the station.




Bruce Braun, executive director of technical operations at the School of Communication & Creative Arts, retired on Feb. 28. Braun served for six years as production head of the “Old-Time Gospel Hour” and the Liberty Broadcasting Network Television Department before leaving this role to establish and run Creative Teleproductions Inc. He returned to Liberty in 2008 and has been a tremendous asset to the university — generously sharing his wisdom, expertise, and creativity with faculty, staff, and students.  

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Keeping Liberty on the Cutting Edge

Liberty has grown at an incredible speed in recent years! With every step forward there are numerous individuals and teams guiding the university’s development — ensuring that Liberty’s growth always exemplifies its mission of Training Champions for Christ.

The recent construction of the Jerry Falwell Library is a prime example of a project requiring the contributions of many personnel.

It is our privilege to highlight the work of a team from Information Technology (IT). IT Specialized Technology Initiatives was responsible for the conception of many of the technical components of the library. Envisioning a library in which innovative learning tools assist students in their academic endeavors, this team worked tirelessly to equip the library with devices such as a 24-by-11 media wall, Perceptive Pixel tables, and shared projection technology.

Thanks to their efforts, the state-of-the-art technology of the Jerry Falwell Library will help Liberty students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to impact their communities in a 21st century context.



You Matter and So Does Your Health

Sometimes it can be difficult to make changes for a healthier lifestyle, but one group of Liberty employees is discovering the benefits of facing that challenge together.   

Caleb Atkins, a videographer for Liberty, and his nine-member team meet once a week to compete in the Lynchburg Parks and Recreation B1 Volleyball League. The team began preparing for games by meeting for practices during preseason and has continued to practice periodically throughout the season. While practices and games can make for a tiring workout, the team has such a great time that they don’t even notice the sweat.  

We want to hear your stories of getting healthy through community. Are you and some friends involved in a sports league? Are you training for a race? Maybe you and a group are simply making smart food choices together. No matter what the activity, it is easier to get healthy when you’re supported by a team — not to mention, it’s a lot more fun!

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You Stand Out

University senior leadership has been looking for staff members who exemplify exceptional commitment to Liberty's customer service standards. Last month, tickets* were handed out as our way of thanking those whose hard work and dedication (often behind the scenes) made a difference.

Congratulations to February’s You Stand Out recipients:
Carolyn Davis, Sydney Innocenti, William Rollins, Katherine Moore, Becky Ogram, Brennan Bush, Kaitlyn Roberts, Joseph Marshall, Sarah Isaacs, Kristen Davis, Daniel Bolton, Daniel Garcia

*Remember, these tickets are redeemable for a Barnes & Noble gift card. Be on the lookout — you never know when someone might notice that You Stand Out!



Employees of the Month
March 2014

Congratulations to our March Employees of the Month. You are a tremendous blessing to this university, and we are thankful for you. This recognition is proof that you go above and beyond normal expectations to consistently produce excellent work with a Christ-like attitude and spirit. Thank you for all you do to make Liberty the shining light that it is.

Jonathan Beasley, John Cartwright, Young Sik Choi, Justin Combs, Alan Detweiler, Korie Honaker, Christiana Moos, Josh Rice, John Sandau, Chris Wilson, and Dane Emerick.



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