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Mollie Yoder's Team

Mollie YoderMollie Yoder
Director of Marketing

Sarah WittcopSarah Wittcop
Marketing Manager
Whitney KopankoWhitney Kopanko
Marketing Manager



  • Alluvion Stage Company
  • Card Services
  • Center for Ministry Teams
  • Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Commuter Services
  • Dining Services
  • LaHaye Student Union
  • Liberty Bookstore
  • Liberty Journal
  • Liberty Press
  • Skate Park
  • School of Law
  • Schools and Internal Departments
  • Scaremare
  • Spiritual
  • Programs
  • Postal Services
  • Summer School
  • English Language Institute (ELI)
  • Financial Aid
  • International Admissions
  • Ministry Teams
  • Parent and Family Connections
  • Resident Admissions
  • Resident Enrollment
  • Resident
  • Graduate
  • Resident Recruitment
  • Student Advocate Office
  • Yearbook

Photography Team


David DuncanDavid Duncan
Photography Supervisor

Les SchoferLes Schofer
Senior Staff Photographer

Joel ColemanJoel Coleman

Kevin Maguiob  Kevin Manguiob
  Promotional Photography

Ty Hester


Team Wittcop


Heather Todd
Project Coordinator

Samantha SlaterSamantha Slater
Project Coordinator

Kailey GreenKailey Green
Project Coordinator

Paige Counts
Promotional Writer

Kendall WongKendall Wong
Graphic Designer
Soren ConradSoren Conrad
Graphic Designer

Team Kopanko


Rebecca OgramBecky Ogram
Project Coordinator

Shannon CookShannon Cook
Graphic Designer

Rhonda Anderson
Graphic Designer

Kati CharronKati Charron
Promotional Writer

Dan OttDan Ott
Promotional Writer/Project Coordinator
Drew GulaDrew Gula
Promotional Writer