February 2013 Employee Newsletter


A Word from Chancellor Falwell


Although 2013 is only a month old, I can see that it will be a year filled with transition. I would like to say up front how confident I am that you, as representatives of Liberty University, will continue to handle it the way you have handled all other transitions throughout Liberty’s history — as champions.

Classes began a few weeks ago and more than 12,000 students — new, returning, and transfer — are back on campus, settling in again to the routine of college life. Many of our students moved out of their residence halls last month, relocating to the Annex II, near the Annex on Odd Fellows Road. As their former halls are being torn down, we all watch with expectation as new state-of-the-art residence halls will rise in their place.

Momentum continues to build on Liberty Mountain as we celebrate the latest addition to campus with the opening of the Liberty Baseball Field. Nearing completion and ready for the start of the Spring 2013 season, the new stadium will seat about 2,500 spectators. This will open our doors to new relationships with the community and guests who arrive on campus for games and tournaments. I hope to see many of you there enjoying this new facility and cheering on our Liberty Flames.

Many of you will experience transition at some point this year, whether related to your family, or personally, within your own lives. If we are faithful stewards, we will all go through some transition because we are being transformed into something new. My hope is that when you look out at the transformation of our campus, you will be reminded of that. Sometimes it’s a dirty, messy process, but where we’re headed is worth it.



Convocation Speakers

The official list of Spring 2013 Convocation speakers has been posted.

Liberty brings many nationally renowned speakers to the Vines Center stage, offering students, faculty, and staff alike, the opportunity to hear many influential speakers. While you may not be able to attend every Convocation, don’t miss out on hearing from prominent university and guest speakers.

Listen live or download Convocation podcasts and listen later.




Standard of the Month

"My privilege" should be the response to "thank you."

Don’t just say “It’s my privilege” — let your actions convey an attitude of a person privileged to make Christ known by serving our students, university guests, and your fellow employees. We honor God’s work in our lives by showing others the same grace that we have been shown.




Stranded Students

Several Liberty students returning to campus from Christmas break were stranded at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, N.C., on Friday, Jan. 11, due to heavy fog. These students had no hope of getting a flight until Monday morning, the start of spring semester classes. Our chancellor’s wife, Becki Falwell, happened to be at the airport, saw the stranded students, and realized that they were going to miss their first day of classes. When she sent out an email chain requesting help, Tim Spencer, director of Liberty Transit Services, volunteered to drive a bus from Lynchburg to Charlotte at 6 a.m. Saturday morning. He picked up 18 students at various hotels and the airport and drove them back to Liberty.

Lee Beaumont, vice president of Auxiliary Services, said Spencer “showed everyone what it means to truly serve others.”

“Tim worked a full day on Friday and took periodic job-related phone calls that evening. Then at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning he received the call regarding the stranded students,” Beaumont said. “He was on the road close to 6 a.m. and in Charlotte by about 
9 a.m. He made sure nobody was left behind by double checking at the hotels and the airport. His actions are a real-life example of something Dr. Falwell said often: ‘If it is Christian, it ought to be better.’”

Cassie Ulferts was one of the students stranded at the airport.

“I don't know too many people who would get up as early as Tim Spencer did the morning of Jan. 12 and still have such a positive attitude by the evening,” she said. “His character throughout the trip was a testimony of his love for Christ and others. He held conversations with many of us students during the four-hour trip and cracked a joke or two to keep the mood light. He was a fantastic witness through his actions and we appreciated his kind spirit despite the circumstances.”

Thank you, Tim Spencer, on behalf of the 18 Liberty students once stranded at the Charlotte airport. You are a Champion for Christ!

Spencer received a You Stand Out card from the Chancellor’s Office for going above and beyond his job responsibilities.



Online Communities

Online Communities is an innovative resource for all resident and online students, as well as university faculty and staff. Online Communities provides unique interaction and connection to the university and your Liberty family, and is a great source for spiritual encouragement.

Visit www.Liberty.edu/Communities and watch live church sermons, chat with other viewers, take notes on the same screen while you watch, submit prayer requests, find a church, and more. Check it out today!



You Stand Out

Across campus, university senior leadership has been looking for staff members who exemplify exceptional work and commitment to Liberty's customer service standards. Last month, tickets were handed out as our way of thanking those whose hard work and dedication (often behind the scenes) made a difference.

Congratulations to January’s You Stand Out recipients:

Andrew Reynolds, Angie Helmintoller, Caitlyn Lee, Cameron Seavers, Donna Gibson, Dorothy Conner, Ed Carton, Franklin Hughes, Jacob Anspach, Jael Sette, Jason Pope, Jennifer Motley, John Peterson, Lindsey Runda, Lois Scull, Lori Baker, Mary Kerry, Mickey Guridy, Morgan Nicholas, Rebecca Mahle, Pavel Vasioutovitch, Rose C. Boswell, Sarah Isaacs, Stephanie Ward, Steve Chamberlin, Tim Spencer, Victoria Hyden

Remember, these tickets are redeemable for a Barnes & Noble gift card. Be on the lookout — you never know when someone might be noticing that You Stand Out!



Employees of the Month — February 2013

Congratulations to our February Employees of the Month. You are a tremendous blessing to this university, and we are thankful for you. Working amid so many outstanding colleagues, this recognition is proof that you go above and beyond normal expectations to consistently produce excellent work with a Christ-like attitude and spirit. Thank you for all you do to make Liberty the shining light that it is. 

Claris Stanley, David Culp, Jimmy Barrett, Kristie Layne, Lorraine Bogle, Mary Kerry, Mitzi Bible, Shannon Bryant, Shawn Bielicki, Steve Brisson, Ted Whitney, Tim Spencer, Will Uminn



You Matter Twitter in January

Are you following You Matter on Twitter? Check out some of the best tweets from the past month.

You matter...While you were God’s enemy He loved you, sent His son to die for you, made you righteous, & adopted you. #nogreaterlove #grace –@LibertyUMatter

LeadershipTip "If people don't weigh in, they won't buy in." Give your people the opportunity to provide input #TheAdvantage @LibertyUMatter –@Fournier11 (Chris Fournier)



Send Us Your Feedback

God has been doing great things around Liberty. We would love to hear your thoughts about how the You Matter campaign is affecting Liberty’s campus. Feel free to send us your feedback and ideas.

Email us at youmatter@liberty.edu.