August 2012 Employee Newsletter


From the Chancellor


The beginning of July brought many challenges as Lynchburg faced one of the largest power outages in area history. After the damaging storm swept through on Friday, June 29, Liberty University was one of the few institutions left with power.  I am proud of our employees who persevered through the chaos and stepped up to help those in need. Your willingness to serve the community did not go unnoticed and I am thankful to be a part of this family.

Later in the month, the university’s annual Years of Service Luncheon was held in the Club Pavilion at Williams Stadium. This was a time for Liberty to celebrate its faithful employees who have devoted their gifts to the university for five, 10, and even 35 years. The fact that we have seen such longevity in our employees says a lot about Liberty, but it says more about you. I feel blessed and honored to work among such selfless, flexible, and committed faculty and staff. Your years of contribution have aided in achieving my father’s vision for Liberty as an institution that would impact both the community and the world for Christ. 
As August begins, we are excited to welcome students for the 2012-13 academic year. Summer is always a great opportunity for our faculty and staff to rejuvenate so we may continue to impact lives to the fullest. As students return, campus will remain a buzz with some of our most exciting campus changes and improvements ever. We can’t wait for them to share in the anticipation and I expect that this will be our best year yet!

Years of Service Luncheon

On Tuesday, July 10, in the club pavilion level of Williams Stadium tower, 278 employees were honored for their commitment to Liberty at the Years of Service Luncheon.

The event celebrated employees who have reached milestones of five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service with the university. Four retirees were also honored at the luncheon and thanked for their contribution to Liberty. You may view a full list of the employees honored here.

The Years of Service Luncheon was launched last year as part of Liberty’s You Matter campaign. We look forward to celebrating more important milestones in the years to come.

Employees Honored for Relief Efforts During Power Outage

When Liberty University opened its doors to the community after severe windstorms left close to three-fourths of residents in the Lynchburg, Va., area without power a few weeks ago, many Liberty employees went above and beyond to serve those affected.

Liberty honored those employees during a luncheon in the Williams Stadium tower on Wednesday, July 25.
Neal Askew, Liberty’s executive vice president, recognized employees who put in extra hours, many giving up planned time off to go beyond the call of duty, including staff from the Liberty University Police Department, Housing Office, Auxiliary Services, Field Operations/Facilities, and Sodexo (Liberty’s dining services provider).
“You didn’t have to do a lot of what you did. You made a lot of people’s lives better,” he told them. “It’s a wonderful thing to be a lighthouse to the community and reach out and help people when they’re in need.”
Read the full story from the Liberty University News Office.

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Good Leadership is Not ...

At Liberty we lead with intent to show our employees that they matter. We strive to represent positive and encouraging leadership, unlike the boss in this comic strip:

Employees of the Month

Congratulations to all of the August 2012 Employees of the Month. Because you work among so many dedicated, caring employees, being selected for this recognition is evidence that you consistently do exceptional work with a heart for those you serve. You are an example and encouragement to all of us.

August Employees of the Month:

Alan Askew, Jonathan Barrett, Sharon Bloomfield, Ivie Brabham Lilly, Hanna Bruce, Kristen Chambers, Murna Gado, Jena Henderson, Rena Lindevaldsen, Jonathan Micol, Pamela Sheldon, and Billy Winslow

Customer Service Standard of the Month

“Approachability starts with a smile or friendly tone of voice.”

In the world of customer service, few traits are more important than the ability to appear approachable to guests. When questions go unanswered, confusion can occur and the mission of the institution can become misconstrued. It is important to give a first impression of approachability so that any and all questions can be answered in a truthful fashion, and no guest is left to assume.

Read more about Liberty’s distinctives on our webpage, or view the You Matter acronym in your pocket guide for a quick and comprehensive display of customer service standards.

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Top Tweets from July:

@LibertyUMatter Thanks to @LibertyU for providing our family with a place to stay! Throwback to my college days! :)
People will work hardest when their company shows them they matter as people. Like this past week. Great job @libertyu @libertyumatter !!!
So impressed w/ my employer @LibertyU these last few days. Glad to work at a company that takes care of workers & community @LibertyUMatter
How can you tell if someone is a great leader? How they lead themselves.

In the News

Part of Liberty’s mission is to earn recognition as an institution of academic excellence while remaining committed to Christian values. During the month of July, Liberty was acknowledged as producing one of the top five online accounting degrees, ranked number three among online teacher education programs, and rated as a top five homeschool-friendly college. At Liberty, we collaborate to create a university worthy of pride. Congratulations to everyone involved in helping Liberty achieve these honors. 

Read more stories like these from the Liberty University News Office online.

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