July 2012 Employee Newsletter


From the Chancellor

Chancellor celebrates 50th birthday

I want to first thank our staff for their inclination to help out this past weekend when our area was hit by a storm that devastated the Lynchburg community. Many of them toiled all weekend long without power at home to make residence hall rooms, laundry, and dining facilities at Liberty available to the public this week. I never cease to be amazed at their dedication and willingness to serve others. 

Horst Schulze’s visit to Liberty’s campus for the June 19 You Matter event was an exciting and inspiring time for our faculty and staff to hear from a connoisseur of customer service and business. Schulze’s words motivated me and reminded me of the excellence with which you meet the challenges of your job every day. 
Students are gone for the summer months but campus continues to bustle with construction and improvements to be made before the fall semester. The finishing touches are being placed on the Hancock Welcome Center and construction for the Jerry Falwell Library is underway. Liberty’s campus is constantly growing and changing, and your positive attitudes and willingness to work together make our progress possible. 
It is my privilege to work alongside such dedicated faculty and staff who treat their positions as callings rather than jobs. When it comes to an institution as large as Liberty, every detail matters. Because of your faithful commitment in all that you do, we can be proud to be a part of Liberty and are truly blessed to work at this university. 

Video and Slideshow: Horst Schulze Addresses Employees at You Matter Event

On Tuesday, June 19, Horst Schulze, current chairman and CEO of Capella Hotel Group and former COO of the Ritz-Carlton Group, came to speak to Liberty’s faculty and staff at the 2012 You Matter event. Schulze expressed passion and excitement about the ways that he has revolutionized the hotel business through his customer service standards. 

“Don’t go to work to work,” charged Schulze, “go to work to be excellent.” Schulze encouraged faculty and staff to take pride in their jobs by seeing each task as an opportunity to serve someone else. He affirmed the foundational concept that every employee matters in making Liberty an effective and professional institution. 

Part One

Part Two


Commencement Documentary Release

Liberty University invites you to share the stories of three champions who graduated at Commencement this May. These individuals had unique plans for their lives, faced adversity, followed God’s calling, and won the academic race. They are true champions, and their testimonies are real examples of what it means to be a part of the Liberty family.

As employees, stories like these should remind us of the significance of our positions. Helping students find their calling and overcome obstacles is a privilege and the primary reason we come to work each day. The Journey of Champions is an inspiring documentary that will have you crying, cheering, celebrating perseverance, and remembering what it truly means to be a Champion for Christ. Watch it now.

Slideshow: IT Holds You Matter Summer Break Event

Information Technology employees enjoyed spending time outside and fellowshipping with each other during their second annual You Matter event on Friday, June 22 at the East Campus beach volleyball courts. After sweating it out during games like beach volleyball and ultimate Frisbee, attendees cooled down with a refreshing sno-cone. Music and giveaways rounded out the event and more than 300 staff members left feeling that their hard work and dedication were truly appreciated.
“Our staff invest a great deal of effort in creating a unique and seamless technology experience for all students, staff, and faculty. We are truly appreciative of their determination in their pursuit of these goals. Their heart, spirit, and focus on the mission propel IT and Liberty University forward to reach its goals.” Matt Zealand, CIO Information Technology

New Deck Outside Green Hall for Employees

The arrival of summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains only means one thing—warmer days and ideal weather for enjoying a break outside. The small building that once stood near the Green Hall Main Entrance on Mountain View Road has recently been converted into an outside deck area, providing the perfect opportunity for employees to enjoy their lunch in the summer sunshine. 

We’d like to especially thank Alan Askew and Rebekah Cox for providing the tables, chairs, benches, and umbrella stands to make this amenity possible and comfortable. 
See photos and learn more about the new deck outside Green Hall. 

New You Matter Materials Available Online

New customer service pocket guides were distributed to employees at the June 19 You Matter event. In case you missed a chance to grab one or would like a way to universally reference the guide, an online version is now available! 

In honor of our university-wide initiative, computer and phone backgrounds displaying the You Matter values were updated and are easy to download. Follow the detailed steps on our web page to apply these backgrounds to your devices as a reminder that what you do matters!

Employees of the Month

Congratulations to the July Employees of the Month! Your hard work, dedication, and passion for service does not go unnoticed. We, as your fellow employees, recognize all that you do and are both inspired and motivated by your contributions to Liberty.
July Employees of the Month are: Andrea Adams, Liz Arrington, Aly Boardman, Joshua Burch, Omar-Shay Clark, Kristin Conrad, John Morton, Casey Murray, Karen Perez, Amanda Poch, Connie Schofer, Kathy Stolvoort, Jaime Velastegui, and Sandra Wagner.
Don’t forget to add the You Matter widget to your myLU portal so that you can view and interact with past and current employees of the month. To add the widget, click on the widgets tab in your myLU portal and then click the You Matter thumbnail. This feature provides an easy way for you to connect with and congratulate employees of the month and receive customer service reminders. 

Liberty Distinctive Highlight

Did you know that Liberty’s tuition costs are in the lowest 10 percent of all private colleges and universities in America? That means students no longer have to choose between an affordable education and a private, Christian education. 

Learn more about the distinctives that set Liberty apart. 

You Matter Twitter

Follow us @LibertyUMatter today to stay updated on ways that you can better serve others and receive encouraging words daily! 

Top Tweets from June:
"Nobody was hired to explain why things can't be done. Explain what can be done." #leadership #YMRelaunch
Don't come to work to fill a function. Have a purpose. Design a purpose. -Horst Schulze
"Elegance without warmth is arrogance." -- Horst Schulze
"Today a minute is about 50 seconds too long for a customer." #YMRelaunch #Timeliness
Don't go to work to work. Go to work to create excellence and to be w/ friends. Make [a] decision. - #Horst Schulze
Anything you do communicates to the customer. Either you care or you don't care. - Horst Schulze #YMRelaunch

Jerry Falwell Library Slowly Becoming a Reality

Progress is continuously being made on the Jerry Falwell Library. To the casual observer, the project may seem slow-coming—however, several buildings that were standing in the way of the library have now been taken down. The crew is taking its time to build a strong foundation by drilling geopiers, strategic concrete bearing points, deep into the ground underneath what will be the base of the library. 

Readying the ground is one of the most important, and most time-consuming processes in the Jerry Falwell Library’s construction. The crew is working diligently to produce a building that will stand for years to honor the past and embrace the future. 

Send Us Your Feedback

You matter—and so does your feedback! We value hearing about positive development happening around Liberty.  Let us know how your team has benefited from the You Matter initiative or how we can improve our service to you. We are thankful for your feedback to YouMatter@Liberty.edu