December 2011 Employee Newsletter



Introduction from the Chancellor

The year 2011 has been full of reflection.  We have so much to be thankful for and so many reasons to celebrate God’s provision and presence in our individual lives and that of this university.

I believe that we have not yet even imagined all that God wants to do through this great university.  Liberty is an instrument in His hands for His purposes.  It was God’s idea before it was my father’s and I challenge us all to never forget that Liberty belongs to God and to heed the warning of Psalm 127:1, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it.”
As you begin to consider what 2012 will personally hold for you, I encourage you to seek His specific purpose for you in the next chapter of the story of Liberty.  Whether you are leading out in front or following the decisions of others, please know that you have more than a job.  You have a calling.  God has you here for a reason.  I am thankful for the incredible collection of talent God has brought to this university.  “You matter” is not just a motto.  It is my personal statement about who you are and why you are here.
I look forward to seeing you at the Christmas reception Wednesday for all local faculty and staff. The reception is December 14 from 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. in the Schilling Center.
I hope your Christmas season is full of a sense of the wonder of Jesus.  He truly is the greatest gift and worthy of all the celebration and special observances that we include in our lives this time of year.  Enjoy your families and your time off from work and have a very Merry Christmas.
With appreciation for all you do,
Jerry Falwell, Jr.


December Employees of the Month

Congratulations to December’s Employees of the Month: Sharon Baldwin, Joe Barry, Jennifer Butler, Rachel Dugan, Vicki Firtion, Tom Hinkley, Cindy Matthews, Jodi Mayo, Elizabeth Morales, Melany Pearl, Hope Smith, Travis Spalding and Jenny Sydnor.

The difference you are making at Liberty University on a daily basis is greatly appreciated.
Read more about December's Employees of the Month.

Customer Service Video

Employees Laura Frable and Michael Shenkle have provided an atmosphere that exemplifies the spirit of Liberty through their customer service online and residentially.
Frable offers extraordinary customer service as a New Enrollment Specialist, and impacts many students as she connects with and assists them. Students who have worked with her during their years at Liberty are grateful for her help and guidance.
Michael Shenkle, Director of Orientation and Retention is constantly training and encouraging his employees to exemplify great customer service.
Watch the video below to learn more about what they are doing.

Focus on Customer Service Standards

Customer service standard focus of the month: "Always solve a problem for a customer yourself if they have been passed to you. Don't pass them on again."

It is easy to pass a student on to someone else in hope that the next person will solve the student’s problem. However, customers feel more helped if you try to assist them in the moment. There are times when the student does need to be transferred, but if the student has already tried talking to several offices for the solution, please do everything you can to help.
Liberty’s recommended customer service standards can be found here

Hockey Tickets for Employees of the Month

Liberty’s men’s hockey team donated tickets to all Employees of the Month to watch the home match versus Penn State in December for free. Tickets were given to all Employees of the Month from September, October, November and December and their families. Purchase tickets to the December 9 and 10 Penn State games or watch online by clicking here.

Christmas Opportunity for Student Interaction

One aspect of the You Matter initiative is providing the ability for staff and faculty to connect with students. Christmas time is a season full of opportunities to interact with students. Particularly around Christmas, we encourage you to invite students to your home who will not be able to be with their families. Whether they are international students that are not able to go home, or students that will be staying in the surrounding area to work over the break, or whatever the situation, you can help them feel at home while away. You can give them a warm Christmas experience by inviting them into your home for the holiday. While completely voluntary, it could mean a lot to students you may know in this situation.

Learn more about ongoing Student Interaction opportunities here. If you have participated in one of these opportunities, we would love to hear your story.

How Not to Treat Your Employees

Each employee has a significant role at Liberty, and it is important to assure them of the value of what they do. This Dilbert comic is an example of how not to treat your employees.

40 Years of Training Champions for Christ

March 2011 began Liberty University’s celebration of its 40th anniversary. As we move from 2011 into 2012, we will continue to celebrate Liberty’s history and new era. As we finish out the fall semester and begin the spring semester after Christmas, you will continue to see 40th branding and we will continue to use the tagline, “40 Years of Training Champions for Christ” through the remainder of the current school year. For more on the 40th anniversary, you can always visit


Future of You Matter

The You Matter initiative is a long-term goal that we aim for as a university. We would appreciate hearing all feedback on ideas for this initiative, as well as what you would like to see in future newsletters. 

It is up to employees to embody this mission, and we want to hear stories of those around you who are living it out. Share with us at